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December 03, 2010

Nikon Instant Rebates got a lot better: you can stack the lens discounts for a mega-deal

The Nikon Instant Rebates at Amazon just got a lot better if you are planning to buy one DSLR and multiple lenses (from the list of 13). You can now take a discount for EACH lens! So if you buy one Nikon DSLR and three lenses with each lens having a $300 instant rebate, you will get a $900 discount on your total purchase!

This is a great deal if you are planning to switch to Nikon and get some of the professional f2.8 lenses. If you plan it right, you can buy five lenses (at least two full-frame for the math to work) and get the Nikon D300s body only essentially for free. Here is more discussion of this strategery.

Thanks to one of our readers for the alert - they contacted customer support and were told the Nikon Instant Rebates were inadvertently restricted to one lens discount per camera. This has been fixed and you can get a combined purchase discount for as many qualifying lenses as possible. You can also thank them for triggering the fix!

As usual, these only work if the items you buy are sold and shipped by, not any of the many third-party sellers that do business here. If you don't see the discounts at the top right corner of the Amazon Checkout page (see examples below), it means there is something wrong, and you cannot fix it later!

The instant rebates end at the end of day on December 11, 2010 (unless they get extended).

Which lenses with which DSLR?
We can't try every combination, but from what I tried so far:

+ the 35mm full frame DSLRs (D700, D3s, D3x) qualify for the six full-frame lenses

+ the Nikon D300s qualifies for all 13 lenses!

+ the Nikon D7000 qualifies for all 13 lenses and is orderable from Amazon and eligible for all 13 lenses. Please note it goes in and out of stock every few hours...

+ the D5000, D3100, D3000 qualify for the DX lenses and affordable full-frame lenses (eg 70-300mm VR)

+ we cannot test the D90 since it is currently out of stock

Example #1: Nikon D300s, the Instant Rebate Hoover
This is an example of the Nikon D300s body only in our shopping cart, along with the 13 lenses and the 13 promo codes entered.

Nikon D300s with 13 lenses at the Nikon Instant Rebates at Amazon

Example #2: Nikon D700
In this example, we have the Nikon D700 body only and all 13 lenses, but only the six full-frame lenses get the instant rebate discounts. By cross-referencing the rebate amounts, these are the 14-24 f2.8, 16-35 f4, 24-120 f4, 24-70 f2,8, 28-300 VR, and 70-200 f2.8

Nikon D700 with six qualifying lenses at the Nikon Instant Rebates at Amazon

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