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December 08, 2010

Nikon D7000 w/18-105 in-stock for $1500, eligible for Instant Rebates (of interest to Nikon system switchers!)

Indiana Jones is currently looking for the Nikon D7000 body only, but the D7000 w/18-105mm DX VR is now in-stock and shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself for $1500. This kit is eligible for all 13 lenses of the Nikon Instant Rebates at Amazon, which are now stackable! That means if you buy five lenses and one DSLR kit, you get five discounts, not one. Here is an example.

The D7000 is not listed at the aforelinked page because it doesn't stay in-stock long enough most of the time, but when you add the lenses and promo codes to your shopping cart, they all work - here is a screenshot of the Amazon Checkout page with the D7000 w/18-105 and all 13 lenses.

For more D7000 stock-status action, be sure to check the D7000 stock status page.

Of interest to photographers switching to the Nikon System
This may be a good idea if you are planning to switch to Nikon _and_ get some of the f2.8 professional lenses. With a purchase of a number of combinations of five or more lenses from the list of 13 eligible lenses (at least three of which must be full-frame for the price-math to work), you would be getting a discount that is equal or larger than the price of the D7000 kit.

For example, if you buy the 14-24mm, 24-70mm and 70-200mm II, all f2.8, you get $1100 in instant rebate discounts (2x$400 + $300). The remaining lenses qualify for $100 to $300 instant rebates, so if you buy two more lenses whose instant rebate total is $400 or more, you essentially get the Nikon D7000 kit for free ($1100 + $400+ discounts = $1500+ - $1500 = FREE or better)! You do have to do some math but it's something a simple spreadsheet can sort out in just two minutes. (The Nikon D300s is also eligible for all 13 lenses and can be used in the same fashion for system switchers; current price $1450)

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