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December 06, 2010

Keep Fear Alive: Mirrorless will cannibalise DSLRs and P&S cameras

Amateur Photographer UK has a new article based on new commentary by market research firm "GfK Retail and Technology" that both manufacturers and retailers are worried that mirrorless (they call them compact system cameras in their report) cameras will "cannibalise sales" from DSLRs and P&S digital cameras.

Meanwhile, the New York Times have their own "keep fear alive" article, smartphones eat P&S cameras.

Both make great dramatic stories, but month after the month, the CIPA numbers do not really match the rhetoric.

One thing that everyone seems to forget in all these discussions is that cameraphones are introducing photography to millions and millions more people at a much younger age than previous generations. Kids these days are born with a mouse and cameraphone in their hands. This has a tide-effect on the camera market, as a percentage of these new younger photographers increase their skills and interest and advance to more advanced cameras.

Back in our time, we had to climb up a hill backwards, barefoot in the snow, under a 130-degree scorching sun, just to take the film to the shoppe for development, just to see the last 24 pictures we took!

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