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December 12, 2010

Fuji reveals some more details about the X100 [updated]

The British Journal of Photography has received a new update from Fuji on their upcoming X100 APS-C prime camera. Fans of buttons and switches will be thrilled with RAW, ISO and focusing options. A focus-ring will be there, along with the all $important$ accessorie$. Fuji also explains why they went with a CMOS sensor instead of an EXR sensor.

At the moment the X100 has a slight lead in the "Keep" category in the "Keep, Sell, Trade, Gift or Refuse" series of polls.

You can find the full press release at Photography Blog and in German at Photoscala. [NEW!]

Fuji X100 focus switch
Fuji has also updated their X100 microsite. A picture of the focusing options switch is shown. They also explain RAW, 12-bit RAF files with SilkyPix included. However, compatibility with "third party applications" is coming "via a firmware update within a few months of launch". This is not mentioned in the press release. They also show the "RAW" button on the body (bottom right corner on the back) [NEW!]

Fuji also has some "red meat", quotes from photographers eagerly anticipating the release of this camera and sent through the "Share Your Thoughts" page, which Fuji (strangely) calls "first impressions".

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