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December 06, 2010

Free (old) photography books on new Google eBooks service

If you think Google doesn't know enough about you, and they also need to know what books you read, you will be thrilled with their new eBooks service ;-)

Kidding aside, their new eBooks service includes a number of mostly old and older and really-old free photography e-books [try also camera search]. A trip down memory lane or perhaps a look at how things were a century ago! You can read these free ebooks in your browser or desktop/laptop or smartphone/tablet or e-book reader. (If you missed the news earlier on, Techmeme has all the action).

PS: If only these stubborn media companies learned their lessons from the music/mp3 world and spared us the big kerfuffle of having to deal with mountains of e-book formats, twisted compatibility lists (but kudos to Overdrive for doing a great job in trying to sort it all out), and Orwellian DRM services. Please tell me why should Adobe be the gatekeeper to everyone's e-book collection? WHY??? Digital Editions is so nasty it won't even let you use it unless you upgrade to a new version!

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