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December 03, 2010

UK/Eire only: Win the upcoming Olympus serious compact at dpnow! [updated]

Update (11:51pm EST): I missed it when I skimmed through the rules, the giveaway is open only to UK and Eire residents! Thanks to Robert for the alert!

Original Post: At Photokina 2010, Olympus announced and showed mock-ups of a serious compacts they were working on and it is expected to be released early in 2011.

Fast-forward to now, and has done something really cool - they are having a contest with the prize being the new Olympus serious compact digital camera. All you have to do is sign-up for their e-mail newsletter. If you are an existing email subscriber, they have instructions on how to enter the contest as well. Here are their standard newsletter giveaway rules. This is their December 2010 competition, so you have until the end of the year (in the UK time-zone!) to enter.

Speculation: The contest page does not say when the camera will be delivered. Does that mean that the camera is getting close to release? (January 2011) Or will it be delivered when Olympus starts making production units, which may not be set in stone (or cannot be revealed to the general public)?

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