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November 09, 2010

Sony announces F3 Super 35mm cinema camera with new video CMOS sensor

Sony continues the move towards CMOS as they have announced their first CMOS based super35 video camera with a new CMOS Exmor Super35mm equivalent sensor! The price is high, over 14000 euro for the body only, much higher than the Panasonic M43rds AG-AF100. This camera is of the PL mount persuasion, not NEX/Alpha, not to be confused with the NEX-VG10. Please note this is a sensor made specifically for digital video with pixels that estimated to be in the 12 micron neighborhood.

Read all about it
+ discussion of the announcement and the sensor at the EOS HD
+ opinion by Philip Bloom
+ sensor talk at Image Sensors World - 27.1mm diagonal they say
+ discussion at Hot Rod Cameras
+ press release at Camera Town, Photography Blog
+ Q&A with two Sony representatives at the Sony Professional Facebook page (no facebook account needed to read it)
+ five-page PDF from Sony mentioned at DSLR News Shooter
+ Akihabara News
+ preliminary product information at Sony UK

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