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November 05, 2010

Sensor Madness! Pentax K-5 and Panasonic GH2 DxoMark results!

DxOMark has published a new set of data that is bound to generate a firestorm in the internet forums! The RAW sensor data evaluations of the Pentax K-5 and the Panasonic GH2. SPOILERS follow, so stop reading until you check the aforementioned results first!

As usual, please note RAW sensor data is only one aspect of image quality evaluation, unless you are taking pictures exactly the same way as DxOMarK is to conduct these tests.

Already, their previous data set including the Sony A55/A33 generated some interesting RAW sensor comparisons, and Art and others speculated in the comments of that post on what the A55 results could mean for the traditional-mirror DSLRs that used the same A55 sensor. It looks like they were right!

The Pentax K-5 had a stellar DXOmaRk performance, based on its overall score it is currently ranked as #5 among ALL Camera sensors tested at DxoMark. That's right, it beats ALL Canon DSLRs, and it is only surpassed by the Nikon D3X/D3S, the Pentax 645D and a Phase One. Pentax usually gets the short end of the stick in technobabble, so I am sure there will be parades in the Pentax forums across the internets ;-)

We have pre-filled some comparisons below for your edu-tainment. As usual, be sure to dig deeper into the results, beyond the "Overview" page!

Pentax K-5 vs others DXomark Comparisons
+ K-5 vs K-7 vs K20D
+ K-5 vs K-r vs K-x
+ K-5 vs Sony A55 vs Nikon D90
+ K-5 vs Sony A55 vs NEX-5
+ K-5 vs Canon 7D vs 60D
+ K-5 vs Nikon D3100 vs D300s

Reactions/Discussions of the Pentax K-5 results
+ PentaxForums forums
+ dpreview Pentax forums and another similar thread
+ Rice High
+ DSLR Magazine

Panasonic GH2 vs others
+ GH2 vs GH1 vs GF1
+ GH2 vs G2 vs G1 (all Panasonics)
+ GH2 vs Olympus E-P2 vs E-P1 [corrected!]
+ GH2 vs NEX-5 vs NEX-3
+ GH2 vs Samsung NX10 vs NX100
+ GH2 vs Canon T2i/550D vs 7D (Canon APS-C video darlings)
+ GH2 vs Pentax K-5 vs Nikon D90

Reactions/discussions of the GH2 results
+ M43rds forum at dpreview and another one
+ forums

It looks like Sony has a winner in its new 16-megapixel sensor, and it will undoubtedly have a "tide" effect on all DSLRs that use it. We've already seen the meteoric rise of the K-5 to the #5 spot, already beating 35mm full frame DSLRs. The next big curiosity is to see the Nikon D7000 score :)

But as always, please keep in mind the RAW sensor evaluation is only one aspect of image quality. The only exception is if you are shooting pictures the same way DxoMark is shooting their test results. The vast majority of people are obviously not shooting pictures in a test-lab fashion.

If you decide to throw away any cameras based on these results, we will be more than happy to take them off your hands. We will even send you a shipping box with prepaid postage ;-)

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