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November 22, 2010

Review Train (Pentax K-7, Nikon D7000, E-5, GH2/GF2 first looks, etc)

Once upon a time "Black Friday" was the day after Thanksgiving. Now it is like a sub-urban sprawl expanding before and after Thanksgiving. So pre-apologies for the increase of shoppaholica action if you are not interested in it :) For past, present and future review round-ups, check the Reviews archives. For lens reviews, please check the Lens Reviews kerfuffle.

DSLR reviews
We already mentioned the Pentax K-5 review at Photography Blog, which is now discussed at the dpreview Pentax forums and Pentaxforums forums.

Speaking of which, the K-5 has also received a "home court" review at the (not in the forums) [via Foto Actualidad]

The Olympus E-5 has a new review in its book, a one-pager at ephotozine.

On the D7000 front, Shutterfinger has posted part #1 of his review, while Focus Numerique has posted another segment in their on-going revieweaux.

MirrorLessNess reviews
Hey, what about me asks the Panasonic GH2? Well, it got some Philip Bloom action as he posted his first impressions. And no, the second picture does not imply that when you receive a review camera you first boil it in hot water to kill the germs left on it by the previous reviewers and handlers ;-) The GH2 also got a longer-than-usual review at Akihabara News.

On the other side of the Panasonic line-up, Luminous Landscapes has a first impressions with the new GF2. LL also has an essay-type on mirrorless video.

The Sony NEX-5 is back on the review wagon, after the pellicular peculiarities of the Alpha A55/A33 piqued the curiosity and interest of reviewers. The latest NEX-5 review comes from Steve's Digicams whose parent company is apparently going private.

The Sony NEX-VG10 camcorder iLC gets checked out at Focus Numerique (.french)

Samples Parade
+ Pentax K-5 samples increasing by the millisecond at Imaging Resource [exaggeration!]
+ Canon S95 at Let's Go D
+ Pentax K-r AF testing in the PFFs (via Rice High)

Fixed Lense Cameras
Canon's 35X IS SX30 IS is having a new review in its record books, published earlier on at DC Resource using their standard review format. What did they found out? We won't spill the zoom-beans here, so be sure to check it out if curious.

Next up, a couple of cutesy Vitamin-C loaded Powershot reviews at Cameras UK, the Canon S95 and the Ixus 1000HS (SD4500 IS) - that's the 10X backlit CMOS sensor.

Lightning Round
+ Pentax RS1000 with the interchangeable skins at CNet UK
+ Samsung PL90 at Pocket Lint
+ Sony TX9 at Cameras UK
+ Panasonic TS10/FT10 at Cameras UK
+ Casio EX-S7 at CNeT
+ quick review of Lumiquest Softbox LTP by Ryan Brenizer
+ HP C310 all-in-one printer at CNet Asia
+ Sony PRS-650 ebook reader at QuesaTablet
+ Sony Boogie Touch at Digital Camera Review

New semi-related gadgets
+ Panasonic announced 9-inch versatile digiframe, the MW-20, press release via DC Views

Space Oddity
+ DigitalRev paints the Nikon D7000 pink - couldn't they at least have picked a camera that wasn't in high demand??? :-)

Conspiracy Theory segment
Why does Pentax want to tax pens? We have just uncovered their secret agenda: Pentax, PenTax, Pen-Tax! ;-)

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