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November 28, 2010

Review Train (Panasonic GH2 vs Canon 60D video wars, K-5, lots of P&S)

Time for a break from the Black-Cyber-Friday-Monday madness for a new edition of the "Review Train". All reviews mentioned here are free to read! No coupon required :) For previous installments, check the Reviews category archives. Lens reviews are posted at the Lens Reviews Borg Cube.

We start at dpreview where the Canon G12 samples were added to the high-end compacts group test. Explanation of the update in this short post where they mention you can do a DIY-comparison with the Samsung EX1/TL500 by selecting it from the menu of camera options in the dpreview comparison pages.

Next up, a new review of the Pentax K-5 is out at Photo Radar.

The Lens Rentals blog has posted a long article on "How to Test a Lens". Fear not, rulers and brick walls are included!

Video Wars: Panasonic GH2 vs Canon 60D
EOS-HD has published episode #1 of their Panasonic GH2 vs Canon 60D comparison-review. This is obviously a video priority but also touches upon general aspects of the camera that interest stills-photographers. They also posted a first look that includes ISO comparisons.

Meanwhile, neo-guru Philip Bloom has more of his first impressions with the Panasonic GH2 at ...Movember.

Samples Parade
+ Pentax 18-135mm DA WR samples at Ned's blog (Pentax executive's personal blog)

Lightning Round
+ Ricoh CX4 at dpnow now
+ Casio EX-H5 at Photography Blog
+ Casio EX-H20G (GPS model) at
+ Pentax Optio W90 waterproof at Cameras UK
+ Kodak Z981 superzoom at Cameras UK
+ Sony TX9 at CNet UK
+ Olympus FE-5050 at Cameras UK
+ Olympus FE-4050 at Pocket Lint and ephotozone

Reviews of Not-Cameras & Not-Lenses
+ GIGAPan Epic Pro at Fotopolis
+ Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 at Photo Review

Firmware Updates
+ Canon 7D gets numerology update 1.2.3 - see via DC Views, Imaging Resource, et al
+ Canon T2i gets 1.0.9 see via dpreview, Photo Review, et al
+ as usual with firmware updates, if you are not the boldly going type, check the various forums to see how the firmware upgrade went for other photographers

Space Oddity
+ making a movie trailer with a pink Nikon D7000, where else, at Digital Rev :)

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