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November 12, 2010

Review Train (D7000, NX100, A55, 60D vs D7000, [Samples: 645D, K-5], etc)

Time for a new edition of the "Review Train". As usual, for lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Reviews stream. For previous editions of the "Review Train", check the Reviews tag/category archive.

We start with a review of the Nikon D7000 at Photo Radar. Staying at Photo Radar, they have an ISO 100-1600 series of the Bath Abbey taken with the Pentax 645D. Speaking of Pentax, Quesabesde has a brief hands-on along with full-size JPEG and RAW samples taken with the Pentax K-5.

Mirror-mirror on the mirrorless wall, who is the best mirrorless camera of all? That is a question we cannot answer, but a new review of the Samsung NX100 is out at ephotozine.

From the mirrorless we go to the alterna-DSLRs, the pellicle-mirror'ed Sony Alpha A55 getting a new test at Fotopolis (computer translated). Pages #4 and #6 have the ISO/color-charts and samples!

Next we go to Rangefinder Land, where we use our X-Ray vision to find the Invisible Photographer posting "tool or toy" review of the Leica M9 (via myleicablog)

We close this segment with part #3 of the Olympus E-5 review at Zone-10. This segment is 11 pages long! Fire up the kettle! Staying with the E-5, here is a short look at the E-5 at PiXiQ from a new-to-Olympus photographer who has an OM brother in law :)

That's Entertainment: Canon 60D vs Nikon D7000
DigitalRev has an eight-minute video feature discussing Canon 60D vs Nikon D7000, with the City University of Hong Kong as the backdrop. This is DigitalRev-style, sort of the opposite of a dpreview-style 20-page-a-thon.

+ GF1 vs GH2 at Sunnyeva (via Foto Actualidad)
+ EOS-HD discusses dpreview's noise comparisons between 60D, D7000, GH2

Those First Impressions
+ Samsung 20mm f2.8 NX by one of the Samsung Imaging bloggers at dpreview Samsung forum
+ night time high ISO with Nikon D3100 at photoscala
+ high-ISO movie tests with the D7000 at Art of the Image

Lightning Round
+ Nikon Coolpix P7000 at
+ Canon SX130 IS at Photography Blog
+ Nikon S8100 at Info Syncs World
+ Fuji Z800 EXR at Steve's Digicam's
+ Sony T99 at Imaging Resource
+ Samsung WP10 (AQ-something) waterproof review at Reviews Trusted
+ Bentax M900 at ephotozine

Non-Camera Round-up
+ Derrick Story podcast on new MacBook Air for Lightroom, Photoshop, Aperture, iPhoto.
+ 13" MacBook Air as a photographers laptop by Ben Long at Complete Digital Photography
+ XBox 360 Kinect at CNet
+ David Pogue and the Chevy Volt

Technical Reading
+ Color Camera Cubes at OptoIQ (via Image Sensors World)

The Trouble Repor(t)
+ some issues with Tamron lenses - via Canon Rumors (not a rumor)
+ CS5 issues on the Mac, by Ctein on TOP

Firmware updates
+ Ricoh G700 - see Imaging Resource et al

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