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November 07, 2010

More trade show action: Salon de la Photo in Paris (Panasonic GF2 et al)

Want more trade show action? Salon de la Photo in Paris is/was under-way! We start with a 9-minute video previewing the brand new Panasonic GF2 (GF2) and shared by its creators, the new Elements Declenchuers collective at the forums and includes an interview-presentation of the GF2 (GF2) with the Panasonic guy in English. The video ends with video footage shot with the GH2 (GH2) + 45-200mm, along with GH1 + Voigtlander 25mm f0.95. A few more of their Vimeo videos are rounded up on their Twitter page. [camera names are mentioned twice for typo-disambiguation purposes]

We continue with a 7-minute Vimeo video by Fabrys checking out some of the hot new releases (GF2, K-5, 60D, D7000, D3100, NEX-5) at the trade show floor. He also shares pictures of and from the trade show on flickr, including a couple of Nikon D7000 full size samples (sample #1, sample #2). For more flavor from the trade show, there is a Salon de la Photo flickr pool/group.

More trade-show flava from FotoIntern (and some more) and Focus Numerique.

Other Trade Shows
In other trade-show action, a Createasphere round-up at The Photoletariat and a Canon Expo 2010 Paris round-up from last week at Le Monde de la Photo.

The PPE action is not over yet, a new round-up is posted at A Photo Editor.

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