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October 18, 2010

The Age of DSLRs and iLCs: a new visual self-updating reference page (BETA)

We have new visual reference page that shows the comparative age of the most recent DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras. This is a live self-updating chart, the camera age is automatically updated every day. The starting point is the official product announcement date. Please note this shows the most recent DSLR/iLC announcements, it should not be confused with our previous pre-Photokina charts that focused on DSLRs/iLCs waiting for replacement. If you find it useful, be sure to bookmark it using the permalink.

For feedback, additions, or corrections, please leave a comment or use the online contact form or standard email (the email address is at the aforelinked page).

Quickly jump to: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonic, Everybody else
Quickly jump to: Mirrorless, 35mm full frame cameras

Feedback questions
We can easily make some changes to these charts, so we have more flexibility than before. So here are some questions:

1. A presentation question, do you prefer the 3D bars (eg Canon chart below), or the 2D bars (eg Nikon)?

2. Chart size questions: wider? taller? shorter? bigger? smaller?

3. For the Pentax 645D and Sigma SD15, I am not sure which one of all the announcement dates to use for this purpose? (that's why they are not currently in the charts below)

4. Additions? Corrections? Deletions?

5. How far back do you think this should go? How far back would it be useful? If we go all the way back to the beginning of DSLR time, it would make the charts unreadably long. If we only include 2010 cameras, they will be unreadably short. So the "golden middle" is somewhere in-between. What do you think?

6. Would you find a separate chart of all the mirrorless cameras together - regardless of manufacturer - useful? How about a separate chart for all the 35mm full frame DSLRs/iLCs together?

*. The questions will go below the charts once the beta is over

+ New Cameras of 2010
+ New Cameras of 2009
+ New Cameras of 2008
+ New Camera Announcements (most recent ones first)

Experimental Charts
How about a Scatter chart using the same data as the Canon chart above?

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