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October 11, 2010

TDK shows 1TB optical disk (bring on the 100-megapixel RAW files?)

TDK has shown a 1TB optical disc at the Japanese CEATEC 2010 trade show. You are reading right, one terabyte in just one optical disk. At the moment this is an R&D development, there are real-world issues to be resolved before it can become a commercial product. In comparison, a standard DVD is under 5GB, and standard BluRay discs are 25GB to 50GB. Read more about it at Tech-On! (via Engadget.

Speaking of storage, Kingston has announced their own 32GB MicroSDHC memory card. With smartphones having limited internal memory, the current 32GB microSDHC cards are selling at a premium. [NEW!]

Speaking of which, and unrelated to the above, the Windows 7 Phone revelation is going to start soon (around 9:40am EST NYC time), with live coverage at:

+ Microsoft Live Stream from the event
+ live-blogging at Engadget
+ play-by-play video-blogging at
+ during the presentation, the designer of W7 Phone promised very fast pocket-to-capture for the device's camera (we don't know if this applies to every W7 Phone, or just the model he was demo'ing) [NEW!]

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