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October 07, 2010

Sony announcement for "new SLR mirror-less" on October 12 scheduled in Japan

UPDATE (Sat October 9): October 12 is also the day Sony has planned to reveal the Sony HDTVs running Google TV. Already some of the details are leaking, eg Sony Insider. So is this going to be a Sony mini big-bang or just pure coincidence? ART in the comments points out that the most likely scenario is announcement/launch of the firmware they mentioned at Photokina.

Original Post
SAR writes that the calendar at Japanese website for October 12 has a scheduled Sony announcement that the computer translation translates as: "Sony Unveils New SLR mirror-less".


What can it be? Will Sony announce the mirrorless prototype they had been showing at Photokina as an actual product? If yes, why didn't they do it at Photokina which was just three weeks before October 12? Did they just now finally made a decision but were not ready to decide at 'Kina?

Will they announce new lens partnerships since they made that a priority? Will it be smaller things, like accessories or body colors like they showed at Photokina? Or will it be an announcement of a new sensor to be used in future mirrorless models like the advanced-prototype? Only time will tell...

Sony has already made one post-Photokina announcement, the insane 16mp 1/2.8" mobile phone sensor. Insane because unlike digital cameras, smartphones use the memory card for various other purposes and you just can't be swapping out memory cards like crazy the same way you do with a digital camera!

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