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October 07, 2010

Rumors: Microsoft interested in buying Adobe? [did MSFT have a long-term plan?]

Never a dull moment these days! Today the tech-world is a-buzz with rumors that Microsoft is considering the possibility for buying Adobe! The rumor-story started at the NYTimes Bits blog and then spread like wild-fire across the internets! The rumor is fueled by a secret meeting of the two CEOs and their associates! However, not everyone thinks this may be acquisition talks. Blogger Mary Jo Foley at ZD Net who covers Microsoft on a full-time basis is "highly skeptical". Because of the rumor, the Adobe stock went up up and away and eventually got halted says Tech Trader Daily.

As you may recall recalling, in late May 2010, Microsoft FTP'ed their Expression Media software to Phase One. This may be retcon (retroactive continuity) to fit the latest rumor, but if Microsoft indeed had a master plan, perhaps they were divesting Expression Media 2 in order to make room for Lightroom and Photoshop, perhaps in an attempt to reduce the chances of bureaucratic objections to the merger on the grounds of monopoly. Also discontinued was the MSFT Digital Image suite a couple of years ago.

As you may also recall Microsoft had been flirting with digital imaging the last few months/years, even though they did not really have a big commercial presence in this segment like Adobe.

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