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October 25, 2010

Review Train (Samsung NX100, Nikon D3100, Fuji Real3D W3, etc)

Time for a new modest-size edition of the "Review Train"! For lens reviews, be sure to visit and bookmark the Lens Reviews page.

Mirror mirror on the cyber-wall, which is the most aggressively-priced Photokina mirrorless cameras of all? Why, the new Samsung NX100 with the new 20-40mm i-Function lens! And this combo was reviewed at PhotoXeLs. As usual, we won't spill the e-beans here, so be sure to check it out if curious. ISO crops comparison is on the IQ page!

From the mirrorless, we go to a DSLR, the new Nikon D3100 with its 1080p video, getting a review at one of its target audience segments, the high-tech/gadget blog visitors at Pocket Lint.

We all live in a yellow submarine 3D world, but most of our gadgets are only equipped to handle a 2D world. The manufacturers are pushing 3D as the new goldmine frontier, and Fuji is at the forefront among the camera manufacturers. With that in mind, here is a review of their new Real3D W3 3D camera at Photography Blog.

Flying to Japan, DC Watch Impress has published their review of the Canon G12, and as usual, they offer plenty of full-size sample pictures, including brick walls, and a night scene going from ISO 80-3200.

Pentax is going for cutesy designs for their Optios, but does the outside match the inside? Their latest Optio RZ10 gets a check-up at CNet UK.

Staying with Pentax, an ISO comparison of "ISO Cat" with the K-5 DSLR is posted by Preston Parker (via Rice High). Speaking of which, Rice High has just compared the user manuals of the K-x (K-Xena) and the K-r (K-Rambo) and has produced a detailed list of their differences. Update: An ISO crop comparison with the K-r is out in the dpreview forums.

The first 10X Canon Elph gets a new review, this time at Steve's Internet Brands. The SD4500 IS goes by the better-flowing name of 1000HS in Europe and other markets.

From there, we go to a new type of camera, a camera phone with a 1/1.8x" sensor. At this point in time, this sensor is larger than the majority of fixed-lens cameras! Review at Quesabesde which also includes a 5-minute video hands-on. I can see Angry Birds from my house! This is reviewed as a phone, we don't know if they are planning a review of the camera separately.

Which Camera?
+ wedding photography: 5DMk2 or 7D at the ThePhoBlographer

Firmware updates
+ Panasonic FZ100 version 1.1 tries to fix outdoorsy banding noise - see via DCViews, via dpreview et al. Short discussion in Panasonic Talk Radio forums

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