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October 08, 2010

Review Train (Sampling the Samples edition)

It's all about samples from hot new cameras in this edition of the "Review Train", where we raid the Samples Wagon ;-)

We start with d-preview where thirty full size samples taken with the highly-anticipated Panasonic GH2 and the intriguing 14mm f2.5 pancake has been posted, which include a high-ISO set and an aperture-range set (for the lense).

In a previous edition we mentioned the GH2 samples at; today EOS-HD has pixel-peeped those video samples and posted their findings. Spoiler alert: They think the GH2 has greater resolution (video) than the Canon 5DMk2 or 7D.

On the Pentax K-r, Rice High notes that Pentax Japan has posted three full size samples taken with the K-r and three different lenses. For disambiguation purposes, K-r will be known as K-Rambo and K-x as K-Xena ;-)

New Foveon samples is the good news. But it may not be the SD-DSLR you may have been curious about. Instead it is Sigma SD15, available at full-size and some with the new 8-16mm DC OS lens at Rytterfalk.

The review-a-day pace continues with the intimidating Canon S95 at Pocket Lint. Throw away the scary monster stories, just show them the S95 ;-) [the sentence will make more sense after you look at the samples]

Also from Canon, their perhaps surprising 35X optical zoom SX30 IS (may be they should have called it SX35 IS to get the bang for the buck for the name?) has a new hands-on report at Trusted Reviews and a short review at Pocket Reviews.

On the Panasonic side of the superzoom aisle, Trusted Reviews has finalized their findings on the Panasonic FZ100, the current FZ-series "flagship" RAWzoomer.

With a name that sounds like a cross between Royalty and a Chameleon, the Toshiba Camileo S20 camcorder stick may generate some curiosity interest. If so, here is a review of it at Digital Camileo Reviews.

In the new "Reviewer's Corner" section, we have a challenge for reviewers and testers issued by David Pogue - how do you test a battery? [he is talking about smartphones, but one can generalize]

Lightning Round
+ Nik HDR Efex Pro first look by Luminescent Photo
+ as usual, for lens reviews be sure to check the Lens Reviews Parade

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