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October 03, 2010

Review Train (Panasonic LX5, Canon S95, and more)

Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with the Panasonic LX5 getting a brand new review at Serious Compacts, which includes ISO comparison crops between it, the Canon S95, Samsung EX1/TL500, and predecessor LX3. For the DIYers, DNG versions of the files are available so you can evaluate them using your own setup and technique. Conclusions are towards the bottom, but we won't spill the beans here.

Staying with the LX5, it, along with the Canon S95 and the Elph SD4500 IS (Ixus 1000HS) are ISO-crop-compared at Camera Labs, using one of their standard real-world test scenes. Can you feel the noise? :)

Speaking of the LX5, the price of both the black and white models has dropped to $433, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. (as of Mon 3:33am EST, the price jumped close to $460)

From the LX5 we jump to its existential competitor, the Canon Powershot S95 which just got a completed review at Imaging Resource, with all the usual IR goodies and compara-to-meter-o-meter-o-meter compatibility! For more S95 action, there is a short S95 review at Kamera & Bild.

Staying with Canon RAWsumers, Imaging Resource has also published their studio test-shots with the new Powershot G12.

On the Nikon side of this multi-dimensional aisle, Photography Blog has an appetizer for their upcoming P7000 review, ten real-world full-size JPEGs. And also some new real-world full-size samples at DC Watch Impress

From the RAWsumers we jump to the other end of the spectrum, big iron medium format, and Matt Beardsley has an on-location report with the Hasselblad HD4-40.

On the HD-DSLR front, DSLR News Shooter has a video of the Nikon D7000 transmitting video wirelessly.

And we close with a Leicasonic. Reviewing the Leica V-Lux 20 has a major "jumping the shark" risk for any reviewer, because anyone recommending this $700 camera over the nearly identical Panasonic TZ10/ZS7 model which sells for $250 needs to have their head examined by Warren Buffet ;-) With that as a preface, here is a review of the V-Lux 20 at CNet UK.

Lightning round
+ samples with Pentax 35mm f2.4 and 18-135mm WR at Rice High
+ Panasonic FX700 at Trusty Reviews
+ hands-on with the Panasonic 3D consumer camcorder at Akihabara News
+ the latest lens reviews can be found at the Lens Review Diary

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