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October 29, 2010

Review Train (FZ100 detailed, 20 full size 645D samples, S95 Love Letter, A33, D3100, etc)

Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! For lens reviews, as usual, be sure to check the Lens Reviews Cloud ;-)

Interchangeable Soul Cameras
The Sony A33 (pellicle-mirror) got its spotlight moment today with a brand new review at Imaging Resource. It has all the usual IR review goodies that can keep you busy for hours and hours of pixeljoyment.

The Nikon D3100 review parade continues, and it's a good thing for the D3100, because once the D7000 rolls out in the review-o-sphere, it will get a much higher priority. The latest new D3100 review has been published at Photo Radar.

I am still alive sings Eddie "E600" Vedder! How do you segue ("segway") from that to the Olympus E600 review at DigiCamReview? I don't know :)

We start with a detailed look at the Panasonic Fz100 at Preview of my Fz100, a French website that has lots of Fz100 action and closes with a *spoiler alert* petition to Panasonic France. Il n'est pas une bed du roses!

Next up, a brand new review of the Canon G12, a "virtual cousin" of the Nikon P7000, reviewed at Photo Radar.

Staying with Canon, David Pogue may have a first, he wrote a LOVE LETTER to the Canon S95. It is not NSFW :) And in a sign of Pogue Power, since his post went up, the Canon S95 has been trending up in sales at Amazon. It's not often a digital camera receives a love letter after all!

Samples Parade
+ twenty full-size JPEG samples from Pentax 645D at What? Digital? Camera? - click on the pictures twice to get to the full-size versions
+ more 645D action at DSLR Magazine
+ new full-size Panasonic GH2 sample picture at
+ a couple of high ISO Nikon D7000 videos are assembled at Zoom Comon dk
+ this is probably a first in Camera Samples history, Pentax promises K-5 samples for November (via Foto Actualidad) {linked to the upcoming firmware update} OOPs! We haz a computer-translation #FAIL. This talks about the firmware increasing the RAW image buffer, it is not promising sample pictures. All apologies for the noisy confusion!

Lightning Round: Superzooms
+ Panasonic FZ40/FZ45 review at CameraLabs
+ Samsung HZ35w at Imaging Resources
+ Canon SX30 IS at Photo Radar
+ Canon SX130 IS at CNet
+ Olympus SP800uz at Neon Camera
+ JVC GZ-HM330 camcorder at CNet Uk

Lightning Round
+ Nokia N8 at Recently Reviewed
+ Nikon S1100pj (w/built-in camcorder) review at Photography Blog
+ Nikon UglyPix S80 at CNet UK

Firmware and Software
+ Pentax K-5 will get new firmware that will increase the very criticized buffer size of 8 RAW to 20 RAW. The situation is summarized at Rice High
+ Olympus updates Viewer 2 to accommodate the E-5 - via Imaging Insider

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