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October 05, 2010

Nikon D800 book listing appears across Amazon Europe

Amateur Photographer UK writes that a French book about the Nikon D800 appeared on the Amazon UK and also Amazon France and Germany too. All three pages mention a target date of February 9, 2011, and Amazon-France even has a specific price, 27.07 euro. The book description says the Nikon D800 was announced in late 2009, which obviously did NOT happen. It also says it has 24-megapixels and costs less than the European opening price of the D700. It is possible that this was just a guestimate based on the Nikon D3x.

Book "leaks" are wild-cards, sometimes it is publishers/authors trying to generate viral marketing, sometimes they are simply placeholders, sometimes they are typos/mistakes, and sometimes they are actual leaks...

Considering how long it takes to produce new DSLR books, it's unlikely for a book to come out at the same time as the camera. Sometimes these books come out a full year after a DSLR is announced or even released.

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