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October 2010 (104 posts)

October 30: Review Train: the new Apple MacBook Air
October 29: What you may have missed on a busy Friday
October 29: Nikon D7000 sold out again [updated]
October 29: New Pentax K-5 firmware will increase buffer size from 8 to 20 RAW
October 29: Review Train (FZ100 detailed, 20 full size 645D samples, S95 Love Letter, A33, D3100, etc)
October 29: Nikon Japan launches Android-powered 3D digital picture frame
October 29: New 22-megapixel Mamiya RZ22 medium format digital camera
October 29: Pentax alerts: 645D in NYC next week, K-5 has began shipping
October 29: Rumor: Panasonic GF2 coming soon?
October 29: Photo Plus Expo round-up (Friday edition)
October 28: 100+ Nikon D7000 studio test-samples (including RAW) at Imaging Resource
October 28: Action from the PDN Photo Plus Expo Trade Show floor
October 27: Live keynote from PDN Photo Expo on Thursday: Chase Jarvis, Laforet, JoeyL, et al
October 27: Review Train (Pentax 645D hands-on and RAW samples, Canon G12, SX30 IS, Nikon P7000 noise)
October 27: 14-minute interview with Olympus at
October 27: (SOLD OUT) Nikon D7000 w/18-105mm shipping for $1500
October 27: Review Train (Nikon D3100, P7000, G12 vs LX5 vs EX1 noise-a-thon, etc)
October 26: (DEAD) Deal alert: 10% off P&S cameras (Nikon P7000 for $396, Canon S95 for $360, G12 for $450, Fuji 3D W3 for $405, etc) [today only!]
October 26: New music photography book: Rare Joy Division
October 26: Canon 1D Mark IV gets the Imaging Resource review
October 26: Adobe releases Release Candidates for Lightroom 3.3 and Camera Raw 6.3
October 25: Review Train (Samsung NX100, Nikon D3100, Fuji Real3D W3, etc)
October 25: PDN Photo Plus starts October 28 - will they announce new gear?
October 24: Age of Cameras: new charts for Mirrorless and 35mm Full Frame cameras
October 24: Interview with Sony on translucent mirror technology (computer-translated)
October 24: Review Train (Olympus E-5, Sony A33, Nikon P7000, LX5, etc)
October 23: 13-minute no-filler Canon Europe interview at Megapixel
October 23: Samsung working on a 18-55mm f2.8 NX lens (or just a typo?)
October 22: Weekend Shopper (Canon/Nikon Instant Rebates, Panasonic GF1, etc)
October 22: ACDSeePro 4 Beta announced and available as free download
October 22: High-profile switches: one to Nikon, one to Canon
October 22: Pentax 645D sensor gets the DxOMark sensor evaluation!
October 22: Review Train (Sigma SD15, Nikon P7000, 7D vs D7000 video ISO comp, etc)
October 21: (DEAD) Nikon D7000 w/18-105 pre-order for $1400 from photography retailer (was shipping)
October 21: New DxO Optics Pro 6.5 with HDR plug-in is announced
October 21: Picture #22000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
October 21: Review Train (Nikon D3100, Panasonic LX5, Canon 60D, SX30 IS, comps, et al)
October 20: Hogan on Nikon availability woes
October 20: 24-megapixel Sony A77 coming in mid-2011?
October 20: Review Train (Canon 60D, Sony A33, Samsung EX1/TL500, Nikon P7000, etc)
October 20: Review pipelines at dpreview and dcresource
October 19: Fresh DxOmark data: Nikon D3100, Canon G12, Samsung EX1/TL500, Panasonic G10
October 19: Olympus E-5 to ship October 29, gets reviewed at Quesabesde and DC Watch
October 18: The Age of DSLRs and iLCs: a new visual self-updating reference page (BETA)
October 18: Hogan's take on the LX5, updates on D7000 shipments and deliveries
October 18: Surprise! Ricoh G700SE coming to the US market for $850
October 18: AFi/Hy6 cameras will also get the 80mp Leaf Aptus II-12 digital back
October 18: Review Train & Samples Parade (Canon G12, Panasonic LX5, et al)
October 17: Sony "advanced prototype" shown at Henry's: improves on A55/A33, new lens/grip/flash too
October 17: Videos from the Henry's Trade Show in Canada (X100, D7000, 60D, E-5, P7000, K-r, K-5, etc)
October 16: Opinions round-up: Live View, Upgrades, Creativity, JPEG and more
October 16: Amazon Singles - a new outlet for photography essays?
October 15: Review Train: it's all about samples today (also Canon 60D/S95 & superzoom duel)
October 15: Animation shorts: state of the art in Medium Format, HDR strikes back
October 14: Pentax K-r is now shipping in multiple colors
October 14: Sony NEX-related firmware is released (gives 14 Alpha lenses autofocus on NEX!)
October 14: (Pre-Order Status) Pentax K-5 w/18-55mm (was: in-stock October 17)
October 14: Podcast Filter: TwiP and Tekzilla
October 13: (DEAD) Canon Instant Rebates return at Amazon w/D-Rebel T1i and T2i
October 13: Review Train (Sony A55, Nikon D3100, P7000, Panasonic G2, etc)
October 12: Deal alert: Canon T2i w/18-55 & 55-250 for $878 (was $929)
October 12: Canon 4K 20X video camera shown at Canon Expo in Paris [updated]
October 12: Pentax 645D invades America, Canada, and PDN Photo Plus
October 11: Sony October 12: Pink Sony NEX-3, new firmware coming October 14 [updated]
October 11: Review Train (Canon 60D, Nikon D3100, Sony NEX-5, et al)
October 11: Review Train (Panasonic LX5, Canon S95, SX30 IS, Nikon P7000, and other fixed-lens cameras)
October 11: Hogan on Nikon production issues (and the start of his African workshop blog)
October 11: Ricoh GR Digital celebrates Five Years
October 11: Olympus E-5 reviews and samples round-up
October 11: Panasonic interview with DSLR Magazine
October 11: TDK shows 1TB optical disk (bring on the 100-megapixel RAW files?)
October 10: Poll results: most exciting camera announcements at Photokina 2010
October 9: 10-10-10 is here (or coming soon) - picture taking time for the World
October 9: Guru Talk Radio K-HOGAN: Rumoralia, P7000, complaints
October 8: Review Train (Sampling the Samples edition)
October 8: Trade show parade: Henry's and PDN Photo+ Expo this month (will we get surprises?)
October 8: dxomark evaluates RAW sensors of Canon 60D and Samsung NX10 and NX100
October 7: Review Train (Nikon D3100 studio samples, Sony A33, Canon S95, Lumix G2, etc)
October 7: Firmware update madness: NX10 gets i-Function, GRD3 gets new features, and more
October 7: Rumors: Microsoft interested in buying Adobe? [did MSFT have a long-term plan?]
October 7: Sony announcement for "new SLR mirror-less" on October 12 scheduled in Japan
October 6: New 16mp 1/2.8" Sony backlit CMOS Exmor-R sensors for mobile phones
October 6: Review Train (Canon 60D, S95, Sony A55, Fuji F300, etc)
October 6: BJoP catches up with Franke & Heidecke 2.0
October 5: Ned Bunnell interview at
October 5: RED abandons prosumer segment, pros-only says CEO, drama follows...
October 5: Olympus upcoming RAWsumer may have a 26-100mm f1.8-2.4 lens?
October 5: Nikon D800 book listing appears across Amazon Europe
October 5: Rumor with diagram: Sony A77 design with two semi-transparent mirrors
October 5: Hogan on modular, Lumix Phone, and Nikon policies
October 5: Nikon Instant Rebates at Amazon [D700, D90, D3100, D3K, D5K, D300s] (w/new codes for October)
October 5: Pushing the limits of medium format in a photo safari
October 5: Interview with a Sigma trio on the SD1, new Foveon sensor and more
October 4: CEATAC 2010 in Japan bringing some photography semi-related products
October 4: Panasonic Lumix Phone now officially announced [looks like Japan-only]
October 4: Hogan speculates on Nikon DSLR line-up by late 2011
October 4: Review Train (Canon S95, Nikon P7000, pixel-peeping, etc)
October 3: Review Train (Panasonic LX5, Canon S95, and more)
October 3: Pentax K-5 showcased in Japan
October 1: Surprise! Samsung NX100 w/20-50mm shipping for $500 (was $600) [price drop alert!]
October 1: Fujitsu subcontracted to make CMOS sensors for Sony (Nikon probably affected/involved?)
October 1: Thom Hogan returns, goes in posting burst-mode, talks Fuji X100, sensors & more
October 1: Google kills faux-RSS feeds (for RSS followers of photography sites without an actual RSS feed)
October 1: Panasonic Lumix Phone coming October 5


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