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October 22, 2010

ACDSeePro 4 Beta announced and available as free download

Just like they did in the past, ACDSee has announced the beta of version 4 and they have made the beta available as a free download for photographers to download and play with. The download is good until June 2011 at which point the free beta will stop working.

The press release describing the changes can be found at Imaging Insider, Photography Blog, et al.

Because we can't say no to free, here is the "chronicle" of our download and installation:

Downloading and Installing the ACDSeePro 4 Beta
1. Download the free beta from ACDSee
2. The download is 61.2MB (Windows)
3. Run the download. It uses Install Shield to install. It does NOT ask you where to install it. It defaults to drive C:\ Soy vey! Estupido! [the computer already had ACDSee version 3 on drive C:\ - I have not tried it on an ACDSee-free computer]
4. You have to agree to the license to proceed
5. It gives you an option to decide whether ACDSee can take over file extensions. (Side-comment: It is really irritating that some programs (even ones written in 2010) hijack extensions without getting permission)
6. When the installation completes, a Set Program Associations window comes up where the only extensions it grabs are its own files. The usual suspects (JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, TIF, etc) remain as they were. This is the responsible way of doing it and this is how all programs should behave!
7. To unlock the free license, you need to provide them an email address where they send the activation code
8. The email arrives very quickly (within a couple of minutes) but you may have to look in your Spam folder to find it. You click on the activation url which says your free beta license is good until June 20 2011 (not sure if it is eight months [math-fail corrected (not six)] or a fixed date in the future). A license is shown there and it tells you to close the ACDSee program if it is open and then reopen it
9. Upon re-open, it asks to be "elevated" to Admin and connects to the "In Touch" server
10. The program finishes loading and it is ready to go! Right after it loads, it only takes 26MB of memory
11. The End

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