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September 10, 2010

The Alpha trouble repor(t): Sigma lenses on pellicles, A560 delayed, US gets A580 instead (updated)

It is true what they say about problems - they come in waves! There are two identified problems in the Alpha world today. First up, Sigma notes that its lenses are not compatible with the two Sony pellicle-mirror (A55, A33) cameras due to problems with the aperture. When possible, Sigma will try to fix the problem for free, but it may not be possible for every lens. Ouch!

A less painful problem in terms of functionality is that Sony has officially announced (corrected link) that the Alpha A560 will be delayed in the US market, and instead, the A580 will become available in the US. As you may recall, the A560 disappeared from Sony Style and pre-orders were canceled.

On the plus side, US photographers interested in the Alpha A580 with its 16mp APS-C ExmorHD CMOS sensor will now have an option to get this camera.

PMA News Line writes that this was caused by demand for Sony cameras. We do not know if this is a Sony comment or their speculation.

Considering that the A560 and A580 have similar bodies, and they have been switched for the US market, one possibility is perhaps that Sony may be running out of 14mp APS-C sensors? [speculation]

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