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September 03, 2010

Sony Sweden interview on last (?) conventional DSLRs and potentially new models at Photokina

SonyAlphaRumors writes that in a video-interview with Sony Sweden at, the Sony Sweden guy suggested that the A560/A580 may be the last conventional DSLRs from Sony, and that new models may be coming out at Photokina. We obviously can't computer-translate the video-interview, so, I better grab Rosetta Stone and learn Swedish :) One photographer in the comments at SAR wrote a brief summary of the video-interview in Englishes - search for "Jakob".

By conventional/traditional DSLR, they are implying of course on the mirror/OVF combination that has had been a shared characteristic among iL-DSLRs before the Sony pellicle mirror cameras were announced. (iL = interchangeable Lens)

We do not know what the context of the interview is and since we can't understand Swedish, we do not know if he meant they may be the last conventional dSLRs for the mass-market/consumers (eg sub-$1000) or the last conventional DSLRs across the board from Sony. We should also keep in mind that Sony Sweden cannot speak for the Sony Mothership in Japan.

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