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September 01, 2010

(Probably a typo?) Sony planning DSLR-size Exmor-R (backlit) CMOS sensors? (also increasing production capacity of imaging sensors)

UPDATE (Thur September 2 at 12:31am EST): One of our readers, George, points out in the comments that the press release (via Sony Alpha Rumors) mentions "Exmor" sensors for DSLRs, while the Business Wire press release mentions "Exmor R".

Great, now we have to run "diff" on all the press releases ;-)

Original post
The always informative and straight to the point Image Sensors World blog writes that Sony has announced that they will spend 40 billion yen to expand sensor production, including backlit (back-side-illuminated (BSI)) sensors which will start getting popular in smartphones as well. See the official press release on Business Wire.

The last paragraph in the press release has a surprise. As you may recall in a previous interview, Sony Semi guys said that backlit CMOS sensors wouldn't provide any benefits on DSLR size sensors. However, the press release says:

"In addition, Sony will increase production capacity for mainly large sized “Exmor R” used in Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras."

So did Sony make a breakthrough somewhere that would provide backlit benefits to larger sensors? Or are they working on more-more-more megapixel sensors that would make things "crowded" on the sensor and thus backlit technology would be beneficial??? Or is it a typo in the press release?

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