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September 20, 2010

New Sigma SD1 DSLR with new 46-mega-Foveon-pixel sensor!

Finally some new developments in the world of Foveon! Sigma has dropped a double-sided bomb, a new SD1 flagship DSLR and a 46-mega-(Foveon)-pixel 1.5X 24x16mm sensor, "growing" from the traditional 1.7X the previous SD-series DSLRs had used. This is a dual-core camera (two TRUE II imaging engines), and it is only the second APS-C DSLR to be "dual core". It uses the usual 3-layer Foveon pixels, so it is 4800x3200 by three. According to the CNet report, this will be priced in the ballpark of the Canon 7D.

Autofocusing is achieved with an 11-point twin-cross sensor and it has manual, single and continuous autofocus (with AF mode prediction function). It has a manual pop-up flash along with a hot-shoe. The focusing screen is f1x3d.

It has a magnesium alloy body with O-ring sealing connections to give it weather-resistant cred. Sigma calls it weather-resistant design.

Being a Sigma camera, it does not drink the same green tea as the other DSLRs. For example, it records on CompactFlash cards, only Type I (no Type II/Microdrive), so if you want to use SDHC cards, you have to use an adapter. And just like all previous Sigma DSLRs, it only accepts Sigma-mount lenses. And in a move that it will earn it some bonus points with hard-core photographers who are sick and tired of all the video madness, it does not offer a video mode.

Other features include a 3-inch (460K) LCD display, a pentaprism SLR viewfinder (98% H/V), 0.95x magnification (50mm/f1.4), 18mm eyepoint.

Disambiguation point: Sigma DSLRs have the SD- model names and Sigma fixed-lens compact cameras have the DP- model names. I am sure quite a few of us will have the "SD1/DP1" typos.

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