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September 12, 2010

Rumor alert: Canon working on 22-megapixel EIS60 high-end mirrorless camera in Q2 2011 (updated)

Please note the following is a rumor, but as usual with rumors, they may be 100% accurate, 100% inaccurate, or somewhere in between! EOS HD has published an english translation of a shock-and-awe Canon mirrorless rumor posted in an unspecified at the moment Asian non-english forum, saying that the first Canon mirrorless camera will be a 22-megapixel EIS-60 using an 18x12mm sensor of the back-illuminated variety. The rumor says this will come out in Q2 2011. There's more details on the sensor, lenses and such at EOS-HD.

UPDATE: Some Chinese-speaking photographers are pointing out to the Xitek forums (computer translated) where they say the source of the rumor in the Xitek forums is not a trusted source. Computer-translation is not very good with Chinese text, so I am afraid we can't tell you any more than what the computer-translation says.

Please note that this is a rumor!!! For the speed-readers out there, here is a speed-bump, this is a R-U-M-O-R! For the British-English speakers, this is a r-u-m-o-u-r! For the French speakers, this is a r-u-m-e-u-r! For Tagalog speakers, this is sabi-sabi!

The smaller size of the alleged sensor and its 22-megapixels may be perhaps what justifies the back-illuminated design. A few months ago in an interview (forgot which one) Sony engineers said that with current DSLR sensors (APS-C+), there wouldn't be any benefits with a backlit design, however, with a smaller sensor (18x12mm) and even more megapixels, a backlit design could perhaps be beneficial. We'll leave this to the imaging sensor gurus to analyze :)

If this is indeed the sensor size, the Four Thirds/M43rds alliance may feel vindicated in their own choice of sensor size.

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