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September 11, 2010

Revised Pentax K-5 rumors at the PFFs say 11 AF pts, improved low-light AF (updated)

UPDATE (Sun September 19, 2010): It looks like the specs of the Pentax K-5 have been leaked to the internet, while an official announcement is expected on September 20 at/by 10am New York City.

original Post
We already mentioned the parallel Pentax K-5 leaks, but now there is a revision to the rumors. The admin of the forums has received revised rumors from a "credible source" saying that the camera will have 11-autofocus points, not the 18 in the previous rumor. The PFF rumor also mentions 7-8fps burst mode, but more importantly promises improvements in low-light autofocusing which was one of the major beefs with the K-7 for some of the disappointed.

The rumor is further discussed in the PentaxForums News & Rumors sub-forum.

UPDATE: An ad for the Pentax K-5 on taxi-cabs in Koln/Germany was spotted and captured in the PentaxForums and dpreview forums [via Foto Actualidad]

Speaking of Pentax, Rice High notices similarities between the new 35mm f2.4 DA-L lens and the 35mm f2 FA lens. Discussion ensues in the comments. One photographer in the forums has overlayed the two lens diagrams...

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