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September 30, 2010

Review Train (Super-Sized edition): Everybody reviews the Canon S95 today!

We fell behind by one day, and the number of reviews out there have piled up! So let's get started with the "soul" of the camera, the lenses, reviews of which you can find at the spartan and disciplined Lens Review Diary. Among many others, Photozone has reviewed even more "classic lenses" on NEX lens cameras, and there's a shooter's report of the Pentax 43mm f1.8 Limited at SLR Gears.

It was a Canon S95 party the last few days, with brand new reviews coming in from dC Resource and also Digital Camera Review, and also at CNet UK, and at ephotozine. The same thing happened about 11 months ago, when Canon S90 reviews were bursting out.

Staying with Canon, sister model G12 has a number of real-world full-size samples at Dc Resource and Let's Go Digital.

RAW gives flexibility but RAW can only do so much on a 14mp 1/2.3" sensor. So how did the Panasonic FZ100 do? Check the Cnet Asia review to find out what they found out!

From Panasonic we move to Leicasonic, where Steve Huff reviews the Leica D-Lux 5, which is the Leica version of the Panasonic LX5. There is a scary moment in the comments, where someone points out that the X1 may have actually been made in Portugal at a Leica facility, not in Germany. We'll leave it to the Leica fans to resolve this. Remember, deep breaths and visualize peaceful and serene landscapes ;-)

A short video comparison of footage taken with the Canon 7D and 60D is posted at Vimeo by Orange Wedding Films (via The HD blog). Speaking of the Canon 60D, Chad Soriano has completed his review of the camera, while Photography Blog has five full-size samples.

Staying with Canon, the D-Rebel T2i/550D got a short field-review at PDN Gear Guide.

On the Olympus front, there is a detailed in-forum look at the new Olympus E-05 flagship at the Russian Ourlife forums (via 43rumors).

On the Nikon front, if you missed it, we had a Nikon D3100 round-up yesterday.

Mirrorless and Alterna-DSLRs
Luminous guru has posted a short update on the Alpha A55 which is currently being used for shooting in the Virginia mountains. Alpha fans will also be pleased to know that Mr LL himself is also using an Alpha A900 in this expedition. From a short update, we go to a browser-crashing overloaded review at Korean site SLR Club (via Foto Act.). Computer-translation can't help because the review is published as a series of images (including the text).

A new hands-on with full-size real-world sample pictures of the Panasonic GH2 has been published at (via 43rumors). Meanwhile, HD-dSLR globe-trotting and all-endorsing guru Philip Bloom has published a short first look at the Panasonic GH2, mostly from a video perspective.

From the video pixel-peeping department, EOS-HD has made available 17-second trade-show sample footage from a prototype Panasonic GH2, which you can view and download from Vimeo.

From the real world, a photographer in the Club Snap forums has posted his hands-on report with the mirrorless Samsung NX10 (NX-ten; disambiguation since NX10 vs NX100 typos are sooooo easy to make).

Two sources of sample pictures with the Samsung NX100 are rounded-up in this dpreview forums thread.

Interchangeable lens camcorders
From the "Curiosity Factor" department, here is a detailed text+pictures unboxing of the Sony NEX-VG10 interchangeable-lens E-mount camcorder, the NEX-VG10 at Sony Insider, along with a hands-on and sample footage with the camera at Tech Tilt.

Fixed-lens cameras
From the Canon "backlit CMOS Elph" department, the Ixus 1000Hs (SD4500) got a new review at CNet UK, while the Ixus 300HS (SD4000) got a new review at Digital Camera HQ. The 1000HS/SD4500 is the one with the 10X optical zoom lens - a quick mnemonic, 1000HS ~ think 10X :)

DC Resource is busy with the new camera arrivals, and have posted sample review-gallery pictures with some of the cameras that they are in their review queue, the wacky 35X Canon SX30 is superzoom, and the "curiosity factor" Fuji F300 EXR (yes, that's the one with phase-detection autofocus).

The SX30 IS has more action, a preview with a gallery of six real-world full-size samples is now posted at Photography Blog and the first batch of the studio test-samples at Imaging Resource.

The new GPS-inclusive Casio EX-H20G gets a hands on report at Quesabesde, along with an accompanying video preview of the camera.

More Samples
Samples taken with the new Pentax 18-135mm DA WR lens at Photokina are posted at the Xitek forums (via Rice High).

Lightning round
+ almost forgotten waterproof Samsung WP10 at Photography Blog
+ Ricoh CX4 at ephotozine
+ Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 at CNet

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