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September 25, 2010

Review Train (Nikon P7000 studio-samples, Sony A33/A55, FX700, F300EXR, TL350, etc)

Time to round up some of the recent regular reviews. These are the standard reviews posted year-round, not hands-on reports from the Photokina 2010 trade show.

But we start with a pixel-peeping party! Put on your noise reduction shoes and check out how the Nikon P7000 performs compared to other cameras at Imaging Resource, as they have posted their first batch of full-size studio test samples. which also include some RAW (.NRW) files. Also on the P7000, Bob Krist, one of the Nikon illuminati, has posted his hands on with the Coolpix P7000 at Pixiq.

Peter K. Burian is one of many photographers who have joined a new busy photography mega-blog, Pixiq, and there he has posted his field report with the Sony A55 and A33 translucent-mirror cameras.

Staying with the transulents, the Alpha SLT-A33 has received a new detailed review at Alpha Mount World, including a number of real-world samples. As usual, we won't spoil their findings here, but they are definitely a conversation starter!

From the pellicles we move to the mirroricles, where Kamera & Bild & Friends review the Sony NEX-5 magazine-style, complete with an ISO-range crop intra-camera comparison.

Fixed-lens cameras
And now time to practice the German you learned while following the Photokina show, as has published their review of the Panasonic LX5. The blue area of buttons takes you to the different parts of the review (computer translated). And another review as well is out at Fotopolis.

Perhaps rubbing off from their relationship with Leica, Panasonic is trying their hand with "middle-class luxury compacts", and their latest incarnation is the FX700 which just got reviewed by CNet and also at e-foto-zine.

The LX3 was perhaps the reason why Canon came up with a two-camera strategy (G11/S90), and now the "new generation" (G12/S95) is out and PhotoReview has reviewed the S95, with Imatest data included!

Samsung has prepared its two camera answer as well with the EX1/TL500 and the TL350/WB2000, and the latter got reviewed at Photography Blog and CNet UK. As you can see, the camera names are a complete mess, that is why we are on a crusade to convince anyone and everyone willing to listen that manufacturers should use the same name for each individual camera around the world. According to the theories of uber-scientist Michio Kaku, this move would get us (the Earth) closer to a Type 1 Civilization :) [currently we are a big zero]

Reviews come in pairs these days, as the Fuji F300EXR, yes the one with the 15X lens and phase-detection AF, got new reviews at CNet UK and also a tiny review at Pocket Lint.

The first backlit-CMOS'ed Elph is the SD4000 IS which also goes by the name 300HS and should not be confused with the newer 10X Elph (SD4500 IS, 1000HS). The 300HS/SD4000 got a new review at Camera Labs.

Medium Format
And we close with a big camera, Matt Beardsley summarizes his findings on the Hasselblad HD-40, which as the name suggests, is a 40-megapixel medium format camera.

Lightning round
+ Canon SX130 IS (AA zoom) at PhotoReview and Info Sick World
+ dual-core tiny reviews at Pocket Lint of Panasonic TZ10/ZS7 and Leica V-Lux 20 which, in the US market, costs 2.5X times more than the TZ10/ZS7 ($280 vs $700)
+ Olympus SP800uz superzoom at Steve's
+ Nikon S5100 at Tech Radar
+ Olympus Stylus Mju Moo Tough 6020 at ephotozine
+ Kodak M530 at Steve's
+ Memory Stick Duo vs HG Duo HX at
+ for lens reviews, be sure to check the lens review diary

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