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September 01, 2010

Review Train (Canon S95, LR 3.2, Shiguma SD15,Panasonic G2, Canon 60D ISO-range, etc)

Finally there is a calm in today's announcement maelstrom, so it is time to catch up with the latest camera reviews! We start with the Canon S95, getting a brand new review at Photography Blog which includes a gallery of real-world full-size JPEG and RAW (.CR2) sample pictures. Conclusions are on page #6. Throw it over the bridge or put it under your pillow? As usual, we won't spill the e-beans here, so be sure to check it out if interested. The S95 has already began shipping at its opening price of $400 at multiple retailers.

Staying with Canon, we go to Quiet Riot, with their new hit song, "Come on feel the (presence or absence) of noise!". Translation: Focus Numerique has posted a full ISO range comparison set with the Canon 60D. Each test-picture is available in full-size JPEG (click on the individual crop samples) and in RAW (.CR2) (click on the text-links with the ISO numbers below the crops ensemble).

Next up, the Panasonic FZ40/FZ45, now the "middle child" in the Panasonic mid-size superzoom series gets a new review at Trusted Reviews. Each one of the three aforementioned FZ-series zooms are one price-stop apart (one price stop = $100).

It is not often that a Sigma SD-series DSLR gets a review these days, but today the rules are broken as the Sigma SD15 got a short one-page review at CNet UK. The review may serve as a reality meta-check for Foveon/Sigma.

We still here sing the M43rds cameras in unison. DCI heard their siren's song and decided to review the Panasonic G2. The first page includes spoilers of the review's outcome, so we pick up the action on page #2, the Product Tour.

With all these cameras, it is not often camera review sites find enough time to review anything else. But CameraTown got a hold of the Tardis for a few days, so they have published a detailed review of Adobe Lightroom 3.2.

Lightning round
+ very brief first impressions on Sony Alpha A580 at CNet UK
+ Pentax Optio i-10 at Cameras UK - kudos to Cameras.UK for not sugar-coating it
+ Nikon Coolpix L110 superzoom at Imaging Resource Express
+ four full-size samples with the Ricoh CX4 at DP UK
+ for lens reviews, be sure to check the Lense Reviewe Diarye

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