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September 25, 2010

Photokina Weekend - even more action from the trade-show floor

And now time to round up even more action from the trade-show floor at Photokina 2010! If you missed the previous daily updates, you can find them linked at the end of this blog-post. Before we get started, here is a podcast discussion of some of the biggest announcements at the PRN Full Frame podcast. And as more photography podcasts come out in the next few days, I am sure there will be more Photokina-Talk-Radio!

Trade-show coverage
+ lots and lots of stuff at (they have no permalinks)
+ 30 individual booth reports at DC Watch Impress

+ booth visit by

+ booth visit by dkamera
+ good sign in terms of future availability, the Fuji X100 is listed at Amazon (but you cannot pre-order)

+ brief GH2 hands-on at P-Link

+ CNet News visits with Pentax 645D
+ K-5 and RZ100 hands-on by Engadget

+ booth visit by Engadget

+ Slides from the presentation at Pocket Lint
+ NX100 hands-on at Engadget

+ Mysterious advanced "Alpha", lens road-map and more at Photoscala

Medium format
+ hands-on with the new Arca Swiss RM3Di at Capture Integration
+ hands-on with the Schneider 120mm Tilt-Shift at Capture Integration

Everything Else
+ P-Blog babysits lens babies
+ P-Blog visits Minox and their upcoming 4-eye 3D camera and so does Engadget
+ Engadget visits Sanyo
+ GE PJ1 camera with built-in projector in the hands at Foto Intern and Engadget
+ P-Blog visits Manfrotto
+ Engadget visits Gorilla Pod
+ a mouse that is also a calculator at Enadget

Previous Trade-show floor round-ups
+ Photokina Friday
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+ Photokina Wednesday Late Edition
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+ Photokina Tuesday
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Photokina Pre-orders
+ pre-orders at Amazon of some of the newly announced cameras
+ new arrivals at Amazon

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