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September 26, 2010

Photokina Sunday - more booth visits rounded up

More Photokina material have come out, many of which are video, so now it is time for another round-up!

General Trade show coverage
+ more booth visits at Photoscala
+ best of the rest from the trade show at Photography Blog
+ more updates by Mark D at Luminous Landscapes
+ more booth reports at (computer-translated)
+ more booth reports at DC Watch Impress (computer-translated)
+ Photokina is one of the topics at the latest Pocket Lint pocketcast

+ David Farkas visits with the Fuji X100

+ 10-minute video booth visit with Nikon at Kamera & Bild (not in Englishes)

+ 10-minute video with Panasonic talking GH2 at Kamera & Bild (not in English; starts with ad)

+ David Farkas visits with the Pentax 645D
+ 645D web-size pictures at Foto Interns

+ 10-minute video with Samsung and the NX100 at Kamera & Bild (video starts with ad) [not in English]

Video interviews with Photokina.TV (in English)
+ yes the opening sound of each video is almost as annoying as the Vuvuzelas :)
+ interview with Paul Peregrine on speedlights
+ interview with David Mecey

Video interviews with Photokina.TV (in German)
+ interview with Guido Karp, AC/DC photographer
+ The Impossible Project

Everything Else
+ visits Tamron
+ designer clothing for ...photographers by LINO says PixiQ - looks great with gold Leica ;-)
+ new Fuji Frontier minilabs at DSLR Magazine
+ parting shots from the trade-show at Photoscala, and more

Previous Trade-show floor round-ups
+ Photokina Saturday
+ Photokina Friday
+ Photokina Thursday
+ Photokina Wednesday Late Edition
+ Photokina Wednesday Early Edition
+ Photokina Tuesday
+ Photokina Monday

Photokina Pre-orders
+ pre-orders at Amazon of some of the newly announced cameras
+ new arrivals at Amazon

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