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September 20, 2010

New Pentax K-5 is official; in early AF-C test K-5 smokes K-7 [updated]

The rumored and leaked Pentax K-5 is now officially announced! The camera will have a 16mp APS-C CMOS sensor, with sensor-shift stabilization, ISO 100 to 12800 (extend 80 to 51200), a 3-inch (921k dot) LCD, 7fps burst mode (not sure on buffer depth yet), 11-point SAFOX IX+ autofocus system, 25fps 1920x1080 video, the trusty D-LI90 battery, and things like that.

Falk Lumo is at Photokina and visited the Pentax booth. The press material is full of typos he confirms! Apparently they are waiting to get K-5 bodies at the trade show. He says the German list price is 1460 euro (VAT included).

In terms of prices elsewhere, in the USA, it will start in the ouch department, body-only for $1600, and $1750 with the 18-55mm WR lens. We will know the opening price when pre-orders become available. Shipping is estimated to be October 2010. The UK price is 1200 GBP for the 18-55mm kit. The without-VAT price in Europe appears to be 1300 euro for the body-only and 1400 euro for the 18-55mm kit.

As of 3:11pm EST time, Amazon has two K-5 kits available for pre-ordering, the K-5 body only and the K-5 with the 18-55mm WR. Interestingly, the price is $1600 for each one! It could perhaps be a price error? [NEW!]

Hands-on and previews
+ Hands-on at Quesabesde along with video
+ PentaxEros forums including K-7 vs K-5 AF-C test (via Rice High) [NEW!]
+ dpreview
+ Imaging Resource
+ camera body hands-on at Photography Blog
+ DSLR Magazine
+ shutter sound (.mp3) with voice-over at Focus Numerique

Pentax K-5 vs K-7 AF-C continuous shooting (via Rice High) [spoiler: K-5 almost TWICE as fast] [NEW!]

Read all about the K-5
+ Yvon's Pentax DSLRs blog
+ dpreview
+ detailed specs at Photoscala
+ Imaging Resource

Burst mode confusion continues...
Imaging Resource says the burst mode is 7fps with a buffer of eight images in RAW and 22 in JPEG. If you want a buffer of 12 RAW, you have to downshift to 2fps. (The K-5 switches to 14-bit RAW versus 12-bit of the K-7)

Dpreview says the burst mode is 7fps with a buffer of 15 RAW images and 40 JPEG images. For more images, they have a 3.3fps burst mode with 17 RAW images. It is possible however that dpreview mis-edited the specs because they look similar to the K-7 specs at dpreview, even though dpreview has a green asterisk denoting a difference in specs.

Pentax, can you please hire someone who can produce a correct spec-sheet and then email it to everyone? :)


Pentax 645D coming to UK
This has now moved to its own post (the 1250 euro price mentioned was intended for the K-5 post, one more reason to have a separate post so as to prevent this type of a kerfuffle).

Pentax MTV-generation preview

Hands-on Video (in Italian) (via dpreview forums)

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