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September 14, 2010

New Nikon 200mm f2G VR II opens at $6000

Nikon refreshes its 200mm f2G lens by moving to VR II and adding an extra $1K to the current price of the "VR I" lens. The lens features three focusing models (A/M, M/A, M), has 13 elements in 9 groups with 3 ED and one Super ED elements. It also includes a "Tripod Detection Mode" which attempts to do what its name suggests - make adjustments so #togs (oops, this is not Twitter) photographers can use VR on a tripod (oh my?)

Other features include nano crystal coat (from the Burlington coat factory?), internal focus, SWM, SIC (super integrated coating), rugged construction, rounded nine blade diaphragm, full compatible with teleconverts, f22 minimum aperture, nearly 2 meters minimum focusing distance, 0.12x maxmag, 52mm screw-on filters, weighs nearly 3 kilos, product code 2188, and has unicorn detection mode.

The Nikon press release suggests it is good for "all types of shooting". At $6K, it'd better be!

The lens is available for pre-order at Amazon and also listed at B&H Photo.

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