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September 07, 2010

Nikon Coolpix P7000 is now official, let the RAWsumer wars heat up (again)! [updated]

The previously leaked Nikon P7000, along with two more Coolpix models have been officially announced! Nikon finally takes off the gloves and tries to go head-on with the Canon G-series with a ...Canon G-series type of a camera, the new Coolpix P7000 (pre-order)

Panasonic started the 10mp 1/1.7" meme and it looks like the fear of in-forum too-much-noise crucifixion has scared manufacturers of serious compacts with RAW from going above 10mp at least for now.

Nikon opted for a more versatile focal range, going with a 28-200mm (eq) f2.8-5.6 lens with lens shift image stabilization. Nikon's marketing is trying to turn VR into a "megapixel race" as they are now touting "5-way VR", which is basically lens-shift stabilization with computer tricks on top of it :)

RAW is .NRW again, so be sure to find your P6000 "tapes" and replay them :)

Despite the modest 10-megapixels, and perhaps because it is using similar (or the same) sensor as other cameras in this segment, the P7000 is limited to a rather slow 1.3 fps burst mode, but at least it can buffer up to 45 images.

It has a 3-inch (921K dot) display and an optical viewfinder which I am sure will please OVF fans as OVFs have been slowly disappearing from non-DSLRs.

The camera has a modest CIPA estimate of 350 shots with the EN-EL14 LiIon battery.

Video is 720p at 24fps, with an optional microphone input jack, and HDMI out which is a good thing because just about every monitor these days either has HDMI input or if not, it has DVI.

It has not been announced in Japan yet. The Japanese websites are pointing to the US/European press releases.

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+ already available for pre-order for $500

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