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September 19, 2010

New Fuji X100 is a surprise with 12mp APS-C sensor and 23mm f2 lens

After years and years, Fuji has finally delivered on a serious compact with a large sensor! The new X100 will feature a 12mp APS-C CMOS sensor with a 23mm f2 lens! The camera will be available in early 2011. As a reminder, there won't be a PMA in early 2011, because PMA has moved to early September. The camera uses a hybrid viewfinder system and has an "EXR processor". Please note it says processor, not sensor!

Please note this is a development announcement, prices and availability and final details will be announced at a later time (we do not know when).

Will this cause a massive Leica X1 panic with eBay prices plummeting? :-)

Does it make you want to fall in love with photography all over again? This is definitely the honeymoon period, but once it comes out, it will get dissected like a frog like any other camera that generates a lot of interest :-) As you can see from the Fuji promotional pictures, the top has dedicated controls for shutter speed and exposure compensation, while the lens has traditional aperture control, no signs of i-Function. How about another control for ISO? :)

The hybrid viewfinder attempts to give the photographer the choice of an optical viewfinder (OVF) experience or an electronic viewfinder experience (EVF), with the photographer being able to instantly switch between the two

Fuji says the sensor and the lens were developed in-tandem to give y'all the best possible image quality. Of interest in the Fuji press material, they mention "custom CMOS sensor", and "customized APS-C sensor", but no further details on who made it.

The lens is a 23mm f2 prime (35mm in 35mm-equivalent), with eight elements in six groups, and a nine blade aperture diaphragm. It is a non-collapsible lens, so no worries of a stuck lens. Macro is as close as 10cm. It also has a built-in ND filter (no, not Notre Dame football) with equivalent f-stop reduction of 3.

Read more about it
+ Fuji X100 mini-site with Flash intro, without Flash
+ dpreview has more details than the Fuji website
+ hands-on at the Photokina trade show floor at DSLR Magazine [NEW!]
+ Digital Journal of Photography
+ Focus Numerique
+ Engadget
+ Pocketlint
+ Fuji itself
+ mini site has currently crashed with a Drupal error message
+ 4.5MB PDF brochure from Fuji (direct link to PDF)
+ the sample photos you see in the above PDF file are simulated, not taken with the X100, according to a footnote on the bottom right of page #3 in the PDF file
+ has not been announced in Japan yet

Promo Video

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The future looks bright?
This is not an intentional f2 pun :) As you may recall, in recent years, Fuji has been bringing out premium fixed-lens compact cameras, but up until the X100, those had been film cameras, including the parallel development notice for the GF670w MF RF, the GF670 MF RF and the Fuji Klasse S. This range of film cameras perhaps bodes well for the future of premium digital compacts from Fuji, as they have shown that if a camera does well (such as the GF670), they will expand the line-up (such as the new GF670w). [GF670w is a wide-angle model].

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