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September 01, 2010

New Epson printers (and more), new Panasonic UHS-I speedy SDHC, Tammy aberrations

We are not done yet! There is more stuff. So much so that we are grouping all the smaller announcements together! We still haven't found time to round-up the latest reviews (coming up next, unless there's more new camera announcements).

New Epson printers and such
Epson has announced more new printers and other things in different parts of the world. Here are they are:

+ Photo Review Australia (N1, NX125, NX220, NX420 (oh dear), TX550W)
+ CNet - NX625 multi-function "back to school" printer
+ Imaging Resource (Workforce AIO series, 630, 633, 635)
+ Imaging Insider (more selection of paper rolls)
+ Foto intern (V33 and V330 photo scanners)
+ PMA News Line (Seiko-Epson posts operating profit first time in two years)
+ Tech-On Japan (in english) [reflective high-temperature polysilicon TFT LCD panel]

New Panasonic and Toshiba UHS-I speedy SD memory cards
I guess somebody was in love with the VHS name and wanted it to live on with the new UHS designation in the new generation of high-speed SD memory cards. Panasonic, one of the SD format parents, has announced new 8GB and 16GB UHS-I cards that will come out in November at an undisclosed price

+ Imaging Resource
+ Gizmodeaux
+ d-preview

Toshiba has just announced their own UHS-I cards in Japan. See them computer-translated at DC Watch. English-speaking press releases should follow soon.

UPDATE: Here come the engrish-speaking press releases for the new Toshiba SDHC UHS-I memory cards at Galbraith et al [NEW!]

Tamron offers plug-in for CS5/LR3 for aberration correction
Tamron has a new plug-in for Adobe CS5 and LR3 that helps with aberration corrections. Details in the press release at Imaging Insider et al.

Fuji adds silver body color for F300-EXR
Japanese website DC Watch (computer translated) writes that Fuji has announced a silver body color for the F300-EXR digital camera.

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