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September 22, 2010

Most exciting announcements at Photokina (and biggest disappointment) [POLL]

Now the moment you have all (not been) waiting for! The Reader Opinion Poll of the Photokina 2010 announcements! The first set covers traditional DSLRs. The second set covers "alternative interchangeable lens cameras" which includes mirrorless, pellicle-mirrors and sensor-lens blocks. The third poll features fixed-lens camera and the last block is the "Debbie Downer" special, the biggest disappointments - more specifically disappointing in that they did not happen! All polls are multiple-answer, so you can vote for one or more answers that apply in your opinion. If we left out any camera you think should be in the poll, please leave a comment or use the contact form (link in top right corner of every page).

In blog-related updates, Thursday is the last day we will be having the giant "Photokina Situation Room" box at the top of the page. At some point Thursday night we will archive the "final edition" into a blog-post and remove it from the top of the page. All apologies to everyone using smaller screens that had to put up with that sprawling mess :) Speaking of apologies, we also have to apologize for two 15-minute outages on Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon. These were not caused by Photokina, but they were service-wide at TypePad.

UPDATE: The Fuji X100 is not a DSLR, it is a fixed-lens camera, that is why it is not included in the "DSLR" and "alternative iLC" (iLC = interchangeable lens camera) polls below. This is a clarification because the Fuji X100 received about two dozen "write-in" votes in the DSLR and iLC polls.

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