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September 2010 (193 posts)

September 30: Review Train (Super-Sized edition): Everybody reviews the Canon S95 today!
September 30: Nikon interview with Focus Numerique, still hedging on mirrorless
September 30: The Google has a new JPEG alternative: WebP
September 30: Altek announces Android phone with 14mp 1/2.3" CCD, 3X optical zoom
September 29: As the Nikon D3100 world turns: high-ISO samples, AF "lessons", new book coming
September 29: The heat is on! Sensor overheating limits Sony A55/A33 video recording time
September 29: Appetizer: Canon 60D vs 50D ISO comparison at CameraLabs
September 29: DxOMark pixel-peels the Sony Alpha A290 14mp APS-C sensor + lenses
September 29: Nikon trying to "freeze" the mirrorless market with vague statements?
September 29: New Pentax LS1000 and LS1100 P&S cameras in Europe
September 29: Photokina downloadable podcasts roundup: TWiP, Digital Story, PRN FFR
September 28: New issue of PhotographyBB online magazine (free!)
September 28: New Zacuto Z-finder EVF announced targeting HD-dSLRs
September 28: Samsung NX100 w/20mm pancake full-size samples at Dpreview
September 28: Cosina/Voigtlander announces F-mount and K-mount adapters for Sony NEX cameras
September 28: Phase One working on new camera design, offers 90% value back guarantee
September 28: Nikon D3100 invites you to a high-ISO wedding
September 27: Detailed Pentax K-5 preview by Falk Lumo
September 27: Photo Cine Expo 2010 brings new designed-for-HD-DSLRs EVF from Red Rock Micro
September 27: Review Train (Panasonic LX5 at Imaging Resource, Canon S95 & G12, Leica M9, etc)
September 27: Photokina after-the-show-Monday round-up
September 26: Ricoh planning "GXR expansion unit" for 2011 (but for which mounts?) and also APS-C zoom kit [updated]
September 26: Kowa shows 350mm f4 manual lens prototype at Photokina
September 26: Photokina Sunday - more booth visits rounded up
September 26: New Arca-Swiss Rm3Di, Rm2D and d4/d4m pan-and-tilt heads
September 26: Adobe talks plenoptic lenses (post-capture focus adjustments in software) while Raytrix talks F-mount camera with CCD sensor
September 26: Sony owes Alpha A700 users an answer before the end of the year
September 26: 10-minute Olympus video interview with DSLRMedia talks M43rds, mirrors, megapixels
September 25: Photokina Weekend - even more action from the trade-show floor
September 25: Review Train (Nikon P7000 studio-samples, Sony A33/A55, FX700, F300EXR, TL350, etc)
September 24: GE joins Nikon in the cameras-with-projectors club with the new PJ1
September 24: Nikon P7000 begins shipping for $500 (updated)
September 24: Photokina Friday - more action from the trade-show flor
September 23: Photokina Thursday (round-up of trade-show floor updates)
September 22: Most exciting announcements at Photokina (and biggest disappointment) [POLL]
September 22: Photokina Wednesday (Late Edition)
September 22: Hasselblad marketing gone wild: 200 virtual-megapixel H4D-50MS camera (uses 50mp actual sensor) for Q1 2011
September 22: Hasselblad reveals "affordable" 10K euro H4D-31 MF camera, new 50mp CFV-50 digital back, then has mid-life crisis and gets a Ferrari
September 22: Zeiss abandons K-mount, CP.2 exceed expectations, tries to answer ZS vs ZA question
September 22: Photokina Wednesday (Olympus E-5, Panasonic GH2 hands-on, and more)
September 22: Recap of the wild Photokina ride of the last 50 hours
September 22: Fuji X100 presentation and interview with designers
September 21: dpreview website gets embedded in a giant Canon 60D advertisement skin
September 21: Sony flirting with "past lens" makers, willing to give full engineering specs
September 21: Panasonic confesses, 16mp in GH2 is for marketing purposes!
September 21: New Aptina 16mp APS-C sensor capable of 10fps at full-resolution
September 21: On the record: Olympus guy answers on future of Four Thirds DSLRs (video clip) [update: new interview with product manager at Fotopolis]
September 21: Hands-on reports from the trade-show floor (Tuesday edition)
September 21: Fuji X100 mania: Price is around $1000/1000-euro, arrives March 2011
September 21: New Sigma 150mm f2.8 Macro OS, 120-300mm f2.8 OS (and two variations of EF-610 flash unit)
September 21: New Leica D-Lux 5 (aka Panasonic LX5) and Leica V-Lux 2 (aka Panasonic FZ100)
September 21: New black slightly different Leica X1, new 500-unit limited Titanium M9
September 21: Two new Samyang lenses, video-priority 8mm f3.5 fisheye and 14mm f2.8 for Nikon
September 21: 35mm-full-frame pellicle-mirror cameras possible says Sony (...depends on customer needs...)
September 21: New Ricoh GXR GR A12 28mm f2.5 sensor-lens block
September 21: New industrial-strength Ricoh G700SE focuses on security
September 21: Minox provides more details on unconventional four-lens PX3D 3D camera
September 21: Three new lenses for the Phase One DF system announced
September 21: Sony promises A700 replacement today, shows advanced pellicle-mirror DSLR prototype at Photokina, reveals lens roadmap, plans AF of Alpha lenses on NEX bodies
September 21: Canon 60D kits now shipping!
September 21: Also new: Sony prototypes and roadmap, Ricoh A12 (28mm f2.5 APS-C), Leica versions of LX5 and FZ100, Samyang lenses, Minox 3D
September 21: Panasonic GH2 is now officially announced with 16mp and full-HD
September 21: Panasonic announces expected trio of lenses: 14mm f2.5 pancake, 100-300mm f4-5.6 OIS, 12.5mm f12 3D
September 20: New Sigma SD1 DSLR with new 46-mega-Foveon-pixel sensor!
September 20: New Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere 9 is announced
September 20: Samsung working on new NX cameras with new sensor with 1080p video for 2011
September 20: In-stock alert: Nikon D3100 w/18-55mm for $700
September 20: Hands-on reports from the Photokina trade-show floor including Fuji X100 and Olympus premium (and new Leicasonics)
September 20: Casio announces new P&S cameras headlined by EX-H20G with built-in GPS
September 20: Pentax 645D arriving in Europe with December 2010 release date
September 20: Four new Flip HD camcorder sticks in the Ultra and Mino lines
September 20: New Pentax K-5 is official; in early AF-C test K-5 smokes K-7 [updated]
September 20: New 80-megapixel Aptus-II 12 digital back with 53.7x40.3 sensor
September 20: New Pentax 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 WR (weather-resistant) lens
September 20: Poster leak: Panasonic GH2 poster at Photokina promises photos and videos without compromises
September 20: Olympus developing an LX3/LX5 type of a premium compact
September 19: New Fuji X100 is a surprise with 12mp APS-C sensor and 23mm f2 lens
September 19: Panasonic LX5 review double-feature starring DC Resource and Trusted Reviews
September 19: Panasonic brochure leak: 3D lens is 25mm f12 fixed, 100-300mm f4-5.6
September 18: Pentax K-5 specs out thanks to product brochure leak (updated)
September 18: Pentax K-5 to be announced on Monday Sept-20 at/by 10am NYC time (and a Photokina speculation round-up) [updated!]
September 17: (DEAD) Tamron super-rebates on select lenses (ends October 10)
September 17: Sony A55 review and samples at Quesabesde
September 17: 51 Nikon Coolpix P7000 samples at dpreview
September 17: Leica reveals new 120mm f2.5 macro lens (medium format S-series)
September 17: Panasonic GH2 picture (front w/extended LCD) leaks
September 17: HP announces camcorder-stick, P&S camera and digiframes
September 17: Review Train (Sony A55, Canon 60D, compact superzooms, etc)
September 16: Samsung i-Function simulator online demo
September 16: Reading is fun-da-mental: Nikon D3100 PDF user manual (224p)
September 16: Nikon D7000 new updates and snapshot of DSLR-impact poll results
September 16: Panasonic LX5 gets first discount, now $467 (black or white)
September 16: Schneider-Kreuznach reveals two tilt-shift lenses for Canon, Nikon, Alpha and K-mount SLRs
September 16: Samsung NX100 full-size real-world samples and ISO comparison
September 16: Samsung shows lens roadmap with five NX lenses for 2011
September 16: Long interview with Samsung President: on mirrorless, 3D with one lens/sensor, sales of Dual-View, market share, & more
September 16: HDR bandwagon grows, BenQ puts it in the camera names
September 16: Nikon D7000 pre-orders
September 16: New Samyang 35mm f1.4 manual lens announced
September 16: New 3D camera by Minox (Minox PX 3D) to be revealed on Sept-20
September 15: Review Train (Fuji F300exr, Leica X1, Panasonic LX5, Ricoh CX4, etc)
September 15: New Schneider 120mm f5.6 tilt-shift Digitar (medium format lens for P1/Mamiya) [updated]
September 15: Which DSLRs are going to be affected the most by the Nikon D7000? (poll)
September 15: In-stock (Canon SD4500 IS, new Kindles) and pre-order round-up
September 15: Mirrorless will outsell DSLRs by 2012/2013 says Samsung
September 14: Nikon D7000 is now officially announced - can it shake up the DSLR world?
September 14: New Nikon 35mm f1.4G prime-time prime comes in at $1800
September 14: New Nikon 200mm f2G VR II opens at $6000
September 14: Nikon Speedlight SB-700
September 14: Nikon celebrates 55 million Nikkor lenses since 1959 (20 million with SWM)
September 14: Samsung also announces 20mm f2.8, 20-50mm f3.5-5.6, SEF15A flash, GPS10 and EVF (NX)
September 14: Nikon D7000 camera body pictures (new flash and two lenses) leaking!
September 14: Panasonic serving 14mm f2.5 pancakes in PDF files
September 14: Phase One 35mm lens (medium format) coming up?
September 14: New Canon SX30 IS shocks with a 35x optical zoom lens (24-840mm eq)
September 14: Canon G12 is now officially announced
September 14: Fuji developing second MF rangefinder film camera, the GF670W (55mm f4.5)
September 13: Olympus E-5 is officially announced
September 13: Samsung NX100 and new NX-series lenses announced
September 13: Interview with Fuji on phase-detection AF (sadly, computer-translated)
September 13: Canon SX30 IS with crazy 35X lens (24-840mm eq) leaked by Canon Russia (Canon G12 is as expected)
September 13: New Photokina 2010 Situation Room is now live on top of every page
September 13: Review Train (lots of lenses, Sony A55, NEX-5 and NEX-3, SD15, A390, EX1/TL500) [corrected]
September 13: Canon G12 to be priced at 550 euro?
September 13: Did iPhone HDR feature come from "imsense" in Cambridge/UK?
September 13: Lens clearance sale at Amazon
September 13: Leak parade: Pentax 18-135mm WR lens (w/K-5)
September 13: New Olympus E-5 rumor tidbits (rumors) [update: camera body picture]
September 12: Panasonic commercial M43rds iL-camcorder gets yet another name in Japan: AG-AF105
September 12: Hands-on with new gear: Nikon 28-300mm VR and Pentax K-r
September 12: Rumor alert: Canon working on 22-megapixel EIS60 high-end mirrorless camera in Q2 2011 (updated)
September 12: Samsung revealed two new backlit CMOS sensors, 14.6mp 1/2.33" w/30fps full-resolution (and 1/4")
September 12: New Sinar evolution 86 H multi-shot digital back (49mp CCD) [and new eShutter]
September 12: Panasonic reveals AG-AF101 M43rds video iLC for 4900 euro
September 12: Panasonic GH2 promo shoot shooting in Southern California
September 12: Picture #21000 in the Readers Flickr Pool
September 11: Revised Pentax K-5 rumors at the PFFs say 11 AF pts, improved low-light AF (updated)
September 11: Review Train (A55 revisited, NEX-3, SD15, LX5, H4D-40, M8 IR, etc)
September 10: Nikon D3100 ISO comparison samples (also vs Canon 60D, Alpha A55) [RAW included!]
September 10: The Alpha trouble repor(t): Sigma lenses on pellicles, A560 delayed, US gets A580 instead (updated)
September 9: Pentax K-5: two parallel leaks - specs and camera body (front view) [rumors]
September 9: Olympus E-series DSLR coming on September 15?
September 9: Lots of Canon S95 studio test samples (including RAW)
September 9: New Pentax K-r goes 6fps, moves to SAFOX IX, and offers semi-true LiIon/AA battery choice (updated)
September 9: New Pentax 35mm f2.4 prime is shorter, lighter but not f1.8 like NikoSony
September 9: New Pentax RZ10 is a colorful 10x blade-zoom at a reasonable price
September 9: New Pentax Optio Nanoblock NB1000 is RS1000 with "Legos"
September 9: New Pentax RS1000 is a basic P&S with multiple camera skins
September 8: New Pentax K-r DSLR, 35mm f2.4 lens, RZ10 and RS1000 Optios officially announced!
September 8: Over 100 studio test-samples with the Panasonic LX5 (RAW as well)
September 8: Zeiss Cinema Lenses (CP.2) announced for Sony Alpha and Micro 4/3rds (F-mount lenses ship in Q4) [accessories revealed]
September 8: Samsung teases lenses and white & gray NX10 (ten) at IFA, RedCrow says i-Function hooks you
September 7: Nikon Coolpix P7000 is now official, let the RAWsumer wars heat up (again)! [updated]
September 7: Nikon Coolpix S8100 brings in 12mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor with 10x slim zoom and 1080p video
September 7: New Nikon Coolpix S80 is fashion folded-optics compact with miserable battery life of 150 shots
September 7: Nikon P7000 leaked, channeling the Canon G-series
September 7: CIPA July 2010 production and shipment numbers: Asia saves the day!
September 7: New Casio EX-Z16 $100 P&S LiIon compact (we missed it earlier on?)
September 7: Review Train (A55, 60D, Pana M43rds 3D at IFA, trio of comparisons, etc)
September 6: Images of Samsung NX100 mirrorless compact camera leaked? (update: actual pictures of camera)
September 6: Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 is near (rumors)
September 6: Two new Panasonic LX5 reviews (includes RAW samples)
September 6: Review Train (645D hands-on, A33 ISO crops, Fuji HS10, traveling TL350, new galleries, etc)
September 5: Interviews: Nikon wants to create new market, Canon tech-talks 1D Mark IV
September 5: Rumors: Panasonic GH2 audio and future GF-series
September 5: Labor Day weekend camera deals (updated)
September 4: Double-sided fanboyism: Putting an iPhone4 inside a Canon DSLR
September 4: SD Association promises 3X faster SDHC/SDXC cards for 2012
September 4: Nikon 85mm f1.4 samples and first impressions
September 3: New Pentax DSLR product(s) coming on September 9
September 3: Sony A55 ISO-range samples (JPEG and RAW) [also compare to Canon T2i/550D]
September 3: Sony A560 delayed until 2011 in the USA?
September 3: New Samsung ES30 anxiously awaits its place in future landfills
September 3: Sony Sweden interview on last (?) conventional DSLRs and potentially new models at Photokina
September 3: Quesabesde touches the Panasonic 3D Micro Four Thirds lens
September 3: Paparazzi, the new terrorists (of celebrities)
September 2: Chinese rumors of Sony Alpha A750 coming September 12
September 2: Milestone: BBC embraces HD-DSLRs for 100% shoot of individual TV program(me)s [updated]
September 2: Review Train (Hasselblad H4D-40, Canon S95, EX1/TL100, FZ100 ISO range, 60D hands-on, etc)
September 2: Hasselblad announcing new gear on September 22nd at Photokina
September 2: Recently-announced cameras have began shipping: LX5, S95, F300exr, Nikon 28-300mm, etc (updated)
September 2: Samsung launches new camcorder with slanted lens (20 degrees up)
September 1: Recapping a very busy Monday! (updated)
September 1: Probably a typo in the press release: Sony Exmor-R for DSLRs
September 1: Review Train (Canon S95, LR 3.2, Shiguma SD15,Panasonic G2, Canon 60D ISO-range, etc)
September 1: New Epson printers (and more), new Panasonic UHS-I speedy SDHC, Tammy aberrations
September 1: Four more product announcements from Nikon this month says Hogan
September 1: (Probably a typo?) Sony planning DSLR-size Exmor-R (backlit) CMOS sensors? (also increasing production capacity of imaging sensors)
September 1: Apple's iOS 4.1 gets HDR feature (announced in today's Apple event)
September 1: RED window starting to close, Canon shows 4K concept camera
September 1: New Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm f1.4 ZE and ZF.2 is official
September 1: (DEAD, was prototype 7D) Philip Bloom tweets picture of "Canon 00D" DSLR from Canon Expo 2010 [says 1Ds Mk IV at Photokina]
September 1: New Sony 13mp 1/2.5" 1080p Bloggie Touch camcorder stick and ten digital picture frames


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