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September 22, 2010

Hasselblad reveals "affordable" 10K euro H4D-31 MF camera, new 50mp CFV-50 digital back, then has mid-life crisis and gets a Ferrari

As they promised a couple of weeks ago, Hasselblad had a busy Photokina with all sorts of announcements, from affordable to luxurious! Let's take a look...

New Hasseblad H4D-31 is affordable medium format camera
The trend of medium format cameras lowering the entry-bar for photographers interested in getting started with medium format continues with the brand new Hasselblad H4D-31, a camera with a starting price of 10,000 euro for the European market (we have not seen US market prices mentioned yet). At this price you can get a "take pictures with kit" (H4D-31 plus 80mm lens) or if you are a V-series user looking for a digital solution, you get the H4D-31 and the CF-lens adapter (CF does not stand for CompactFlash in this case). Their Phocus 2.6 software is included.

New 50-megapixel CFV-50 digital back
Hasselblad has also revealed a new 50-megapixel digital back, the CFV-50, which Hassie proudly points out it has twice the size of 35mm full-frame DSLRs. This is the third digital back in this series, following up on the CFV-16 and CFV-39. Its opening price is 12,000 euro in the European market.

New lenses: HC 50mm II f3.5 and HC 120mm II f4 macro
Continuing with new gear, they have announced two new lenses, the HC 50mm f3.5 II and the C 120mm f4 II macro. The former has a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 31.4mm and the latter of 73.5mm. The 120mm macro lens is 1:1, with a 39cm minimum object to image plan distance. Some more details by Hasseblad.

New functionality in H4D series cameras
Their H4D series cameras are getting some new functionality, including an "electronic spirit level", preview in tethered mode, information display and GIL support.

Hasselblad's mid-life crisis gets them a Ferrari
It looks like Hasselblad is having a mid-life crisis because they went out and got a ...Ferrari ;-) In a marketing collaration with Ferrari they will produce 499 limited edition H4D cameras dressed like a Ferrari. The number 499 has a subtle meaning perhaps, Leica's M9 titanium comes in 500 limited edition units ;-) I have not seen a price mentioned.

As you can expect, the Ferrari "bait" worked, as the gadget blogs have been attracted to it like bees on honey: Engadget, Electronista, Ubergizmo (currently 504), etc

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