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September 20, 2010

Hands-on reports from the Photokina trade-show floor including Fuji X100 and Olympus premium (and new Leicasonics)

It looks like we have caught up with the major announcements, so now it is time for an on-going blog-post that will be posting hands-on reports from the Photokina trade-show floor as they get posted to the internets... (this edition is now final; we will have another one for Tuesday... We have re-organized it by topic to make it easier to read...)

Stephen Shankland of CNet writing from the Photokina trade show talks about Canon and their plan to optimize their lenses for video recording.

Pop Photo has had a hands on with the new Canon 8-15mm f4L fish-eye zoom lens, which may be the only prototype available in Europe at the moment.

Fuji X100
A 70-second "rotisserie style" video of the Fuji X100 along with stills are now available at BJoP.

The new Fuji X100 is not just a paper gangsta - there is an actual camera prototype shown at Photokina, and Photography Blog has nine hands-on pictures.

General interest
Text-based summary of booth visits at Photo Club Alpha with some interesting commentary, such as: "... the K-5. I will admit, this is the camera Sony should have been showing...".

EOS-HD has a text-based round-up/opinion on the current state of the industry.

To get a virtual feel of the trade show, be sure to check the Photokina flickr stream.

Engadget visits the Leica booth where they find two new Leicasonics, the "LX5" dressed as a Leica D-Lux 5, and the Panasonic FZ100 I believe dressed as a Leica V-Lux 2. Engadget also notes that the X1 is getting a slight "remodeling" (a reaction to the Fuji X100 perhaps?) And if you needed more reasons to hatorade on Leica, they have a new 500-unit only limited edition "M9 Titanium". Pictures also at Engadget. The official announcements of these should be coming in the next few hours...

It looks like the Olympus E-5 may be coming out sooner than later. has published full-size samples using a production-level camera, and said they will leave Photokina with an evaluation unit. This bodes well for availability. As far as the samples, we blog, you pixel-peep and decide :-)

Six full-size sample pictures from Koln, Germany using a production Olympus E-5 are posted at Lets Go Digital.

DC Watch has pictures of the Olympus premium compact prototype including a couple of pictures of the unveiling. For our younger viewers, "unveiling" is like a formal unboxing with people wearing business clothes :)

Also not a paper gangsta is the new Olympus premium compact in development, and Photography Blog has posted 17 body pictures, including some side-by-side with the Olympus E-PL1, the Olympus premium compact, and the new E-5 Four Thirds DSLR.

Photography Blog visits the Pentax booth, which includes a side-by-side of the 645D, K-5 and K-r DSLRs. Also at the Pentax booth, Japanese website DC Watch.

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