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September 21, 2010

Fuji X100 mania: Price is around $1000/1000-euro, arrives March 2011

When the Fuji X100 was announced, photographers worried that this would be priced in the Leica X1 ballpark. Those worries have been cut in half today as it was revealed at Photokina that the price of the X100 will be around $1000 in the US market and around 1000 euro in the European market.

We often hear and sometimes (ab)use the "product-X will be a product-Y killer" phraseology, but in this case, the Fuji X100 may indeed turn out to be a Leica X1 killer - assuming of course it delivers on its promise and premise, which, considering the excitement, has a high bar to reach. Before even the $1000 price was announced, at a poll at "Leica glow" Steve Huff Photo, 62% of the responders said they would buy the Fuji X100 while only 4% voted interest in the black Leica X1.

More Fuji X100 action
+ photographer hands-on at Quesabesde
+ AP UK update along with camera body pictures
+ Engadget hands-on (floor model did not have sensor inside)
+ camera body pictures at Pocket Lint

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