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September 30, 2010

Altek announces Android phone with 14mp 1/2.3" CCD, 3X optical zoom

Before Photokina we speculated about Android-powered cameras, and it looks like today we are a step closer to that, as Altek has announced an Android-powered phone, the Altek Leo, that has a 14mp CCD sensor with a 3X optical zoom lens. Press release at Aiptek (via Android Authority, via Quesabesde). Quesabesde writes that Europe should be getting this in Q1 of 2011.

UPDATE: CNet Asia confirms that it is using a 1/2.3" sensor, just like the vast majority of fixed-lens digital cameras from the major camera manufacturers. CNet Asia says this will come out in Q4 in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for the "equivalent" of $500.

The features that are mentioned are 3.2" display (800x480), 720p video, Wi-fi and 3.5G, and their own "Sunny 9" image processor. The "native" focal length of the lens (according to the product pictures) is 6.5-19.5mm f3.1-5.6.

Judging by looking at the specs of other 1/2.3" cameras by various manufacturers, there seems to be a "5.x multiplier", so, other things equal, based on this guesswork, the lens should start at around 35mm equivalent or slightly more. Which may perhaps explain why the lens is so compact and cutesy ;-)

Altek Leo press-release pictures


Brief hands-on video

PS: Typo correction: the company name is Altek, not Aiptek that was mentioned in the initial blog-post.

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