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August 23, 2010

Sony announces five new Alpha DSLRs and three new prime lenses

UPDATE (August 29, 2010): We have summarized the announcements, along with initial reviews, previews, samples and discussions of the four new Sony Alpha interchnageable lens cameras. Check them out:

+ Sony Alpha A55 - 16mp ExmorHD CMOS w/pellicle mirror
+ Sony Alpha A33 - 14mp ExmorHD CMOS w/pellicle mirror
+ Sony Alpha A580 - 16mp ExmorHD CMOS DSLR
+ Sony Alpha A560 - 14mp ExmorHD CMOS DSLR

The moment has arrived! The new Sony Alpha Gear are official! Five different DSLR models and three prime lenses have been announced! Here is the latest action...

Reviews and hands-on reports
+ Sony SLT-A55 reviewed already by dpreview [HOT!]
+ Sony SLT-A55V review at Imaging Resource [HOT!]
+ Hands-on with the A55/A33 and A560 at Luminous Landscape [NEW!]
+ A33 preview at Imaging Resource
+ A55 preview with 100-second video hands-on at Digital Camera Review

Cool Stuff
+ play with the A55 camera body (rotate picture, zoom-in, change lenses, pull-out and swivel the LCD display) at Sony Japan (requires Flash) [COOL!]

Disambiguation point: A55v and A55
There are three different SLT (pellicle mirror) models announced. The A33, A55 and A55v. The A55v has built-in GPS while the A55 does not. Explanation at Imaging Resource.

New Sony Alpha A580, A560, A55, and A33 DSLRs, picture from Sony Europe

Translucent/Pellice mirror Talk Radio
+ a trip down pellicle mirror lane at Focus Numeriqueaux
+ Translucent mirror summary at c|net a|sia

+ dpreview
+ Imaging Resource
+ DC Resource
+ Imaging Insider
+ Product page for A55 by Sony Japan
+ Photo Review
+ Alpha Numerique
+ Photography Blog
+ Sony itself
+ Pop Photeaux
+ Sony Europe: pellicles, traditional mirrors

Initial Reactions
+ dpreview Sony DSLR Talk Radio
+ dyxum forums

The fact that dpreview reviewed a production body with firmware version 1.0 is a perhaps a sign that the cameras will be shipping sooner than later.

In Japan, the estimated release date for the A55 is September 10.

As of the time of writing, we did not find the new cameras at Amazon, but you can check on your own using the A55v search or A33 search or A580 search

The videos are after the jump...

Sony A55 stabilized by a Steadicam Merlin from NSF-56k on Vimeo

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