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August 29, 2010

Sony Alpha A55 boldly goes where no DSLR has gone before!

The Sony Alpha DSLT-A55, along with the DSLR-A33 have made history as the first two digital pellicle-mirror interchangeable lens cameras. Unlike the Alpha A580 vs Alpha A560, the A55 has more differences from its sister model, the A33. See the PDF file mentioned below for all the details.

While the new A5x0 DSLRs have great battery life (1050 CIPA w/OVF), the translucents are on the other end of the spectrum. The A55 does 330/380 while the A33 does 270/340. And because there is no OVF, the EVF (with over 1 million dots) actually eats up more power than the 3-inch LCD display!

The cameras have been announced almost a week ago, so be sure to dive into the reviews, previews, spec-sheets, user manual, and forum discussions for all the details!

Sony A55 full reviews
+ with Britton and Rehm
+ Imaging Resource with billions of studio test samples

Hands-on, previews, and samples
+ hands on with Luminous Landscape
+ full-size real-world samples at Fotopolis
+ Pop Photo
+ Focus Numerique
+ hands-on in NYC by The PhoBlographer
+ hands-on at PhotoRadar
+ short impressions at DPhotographerUK
+ hands-on with camera body at PBlog
+ Japanese presentation at DC Watch Impress

Announcement/Press release
+ user-manual (11MB, PDF, 203 pages) spotted via the dpreview forums [READ ME!]
+ Specs in PDF file at (see via dpreview forums)
+ Imaging Resource
+ dpreview
+ features page

+ is the A55 the best street photography camera ever? (dpreview forums)
+ handily beats Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D based on dpreview review comparison? (in dpreview forums)
+ Sony Pellicles vs CaNiKon in dpreview News forum
+ is 10fps artificially crippled ask dpreview forum users
+ discussion at Alpha Mount World
+ Old technology returns and a lot more at Enticing the Light
+ On pellicle mirrors at CNet Asia
+ never too early to start thinking Sony A77
+ it needs an OVF in full burst mode?

HD-Video Discussion/Criticism of A55
+ EOS-HD points out issues with the video-mode features of these cameras - long discussion follows in the EOSHD post and also in the forums, and even Philip Bloom gets drawn in the debate. And more discussion

A55v and A55 naming confusion
+ Cnet Asia sorts out the A55v and A55 naming confusion. To summarize, of the major markets out there, China and Russia will not get the GPS model (A55v) due to GPS restrictions.

Virtual Demo of Sony SLT features
+ virtual demos of phase-detection AF during movie recording, high-speed AF detection, LCD display movement, and Auto-ADR at Imaging Insider (see links that open the Flash-based demos)

Prices and Availability
The camera is listed at B&H Photo but it is not currently pre-orderable. The A55 body-only has a price of $750 while the A55 w/18-55mm has a price of $850. The estimate is for an October release,

Videos after the jump

Sony SLT-A55 - film przykładowy 2 from on Vimeo.

Sony SLT-A55 - film przykładowy 3 from on Vimeo.

Sony Introduces SLT-A55V DSLR With Translucent Mirror Technology from Imaging Insider on Vimeo.

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