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August 23, 2010

Rumor-tidbits about Olympus E-5 flagship Four Thirds DSLR

While neither Canon or Nikon are done for the Photokina season, they have both fired the first volley. So now the focus-points turn to the other manufacturers. Already, the Sony Alpha leaks are becoming a lake, and on the Pentax front, the K-5 and K-r rumors are cycling through. And now, some action on one of the other big question-marks - Olympus and Four Thirds... writes that according to a "trusted source" the new Olympus E-5 Four Thirds DSLR will have IQ on par with the Canon 7D and Nikon D300s, high-def video recording and perhaps a feature not seen in a DSLR before.

As usual, please note that rumors are rumors!

The Four Thirds line-up was quite busy at one point in time, with a five-line depth-chart. But since the launch of Micro Four Thirds, Olympus has been relatively quiet on Four Thirds. They did release two limited availability DSLRs to "ping' the market (E450, E600) so the photographers wouldn't time-out, perhaps buying Olympus time until they were ready. Ready to do what? Decide what to do next? Launch new products? As usual, only time will tell... (that sounds like a song?)

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