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August 14, 2010

Review Train (Sony A450, Ricoh CX3, Sigma DP1s, Sony TX5, etc)

Time for a new edition of the "Review Train", where cameras that don't usually get the spotlight, do get the spotlight. On the Alpha front, Trusted Reviews has published their take on the Alpha A450, one of the eleven sub-$1100 Sony DSLRs announced since CES 2008. And judging by the NDA leak we are going to add to that total this year!

With so many cameras out there, the other related gear orbiting digital cameras are not getting as much review-attention these days, but Imaging Resource has found the time and they have posted a review of the Canon MG5220 printer. There is even mention of the "HD Movie print" function. Canon, those are not footsteps, it's the distant sound of the upcoming stampede of MPAA lawyers worried that people will print whole movies frame by frame and reduce the sales of DVDs and BluRay ;-)

Barry Fitzgerald, which some of you may recognize from the dpreview forums, has published his detailed review of the Ricoh CX3 at Alpha Mount World. For the speed-readers out there, conclusions are on the last page.

The new Sony NEX-3 takes on the Pentax K-x in the latest ISO comparison test at Rice High [NEW!]

How does the Sigma DP1s perform when tested with Imatest? ER Photo Review has five such test-charts!

It is intra-camera ISO comparison for the Samsung EX1 (TL500) at Neutral Day, which also means that a review is underway.

As usual, the latest lens reviews can be found at the Lens Reviews mini-site.

P&S compact reviews
It is summertime in the northern hemisphere, so the waterproof cameras are getting tested out even more. Photography Review has published their findings on the Sony Cybershot TX5. This is the first T-series waterproof camera, although Sony should have probably given their waterproof cameras a slightly different name to make it easier for consumers to pick them out of the 30+ Cybershot line-up of the last couple of years.

Pocket Lint checked out the recently announced Casio EX-S200 and they opine on their new "Single Frame" 1.5X not-optical not-digital digital zoom :)

Fuji's 1/2.3" SuperCCD-EXR powered Finepix Z700EXR got tested at ephotozine. Already this camera has a follow-up model, the Z800EXR. The lifecycle of new camera models these days is 99 milliseconds :)

e-photo-zine has been busy, they also have another short review, this time it is the Pentax Optio H90.

And we close with a quick hands-on with the Canon A490 at Digital Camera Review. A camera perhaps that may perhaps be of interest to back-to-school buyers, especially for younger students.

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