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August 23, 2010

Review Train (Sigma SD15, Fuji W3, M43rds, Ricoh GXR, and more)

We start with two of the "alternatives" to the mainstream systems. The Sigma SD15 is getting some love, a review at Photography Blog. As usual, they offer plenty of real-world full-size JPEG and RAW (.X3F) sample pictures.

Next, it is Ricoh GXR time as Trusted Reviews published their review. The review used the P10 sensor-lens block, which is 'equivalent' of the Ricoh CX-series of compacts.

On the new cameras front, Pocket Lint has a short hands-on page with the Panasonic FZ100, which is now part of a three-camera mid-size superzoom series. This is a "textbook" line-up, with each camera going for $100 more than the previous one.

On the 3D side of things, has a short hands-on with Fuji's second 3D camera, the Real3D W3, which is expected to begin shipping for $500 on September 1st according to Amazon.

And we close this segment with a byte-size spec-sheet summary-comparison of the Canon D-Rebel T2i/550D versus the new challenger on the block, the Nikon D3100. See it at Pocket Lint.

Mirrorless reviews
On the Micro Four Thirds side of the aisle, Photography Bay reviews the Panasonic GF1 and reviews the Panasonic G2 (computer-translated)

On the NEXxies side of the aisle, Alpha Numerique has updated their ISO test of the NExxies with the latest software updates from Adobe (LR 3.2/ACR 6.2)

At the intersection of the above two formats, Japanese website DC Watch Impress published the first part of their mirrorless camera comparison, featuring the Sony NEX-5, Olympus E-PL1 and Panasonic GF1. Speaking of mirrorless comparisons, if you missed it, be sure to check out the on-going shootout at Serious Compacts 2.0.

Reviews in the September 2010 issue of Popular Photography (printed magazine)
Popular Photography publishes their reviews first in their magazine and a few weeks later on their website. If you have access to the magazine, you can read them now, or you can wait until they are available on their website. Another option is to subscribe to the digital edition of the magazine for $10/year at Zinio, which in addition to reading on the computer, you can also read on the iPad with the Zinio iPad app.

In the September 2010 issue, they have the following reviews:
+ Panasonic G10 by Ryan Philippe
+ Fuji HS10 by Philip Ryan
+ Nikon 16-35mm f4 VR by Julia Silber
+ Shiguma 8-16mm f4.5-5.6 DC HSM by Julia Silber
+ Lightroom III by Debbie Grossman
+ they also have a "Top Gear for Less" mini buyer's guide (page #63)
+ please note Pop Photo uses a different magazine cover for by-mail subscribers versus single-issue buyers (the by-mail subscribers get a photography-priority cover (eg pictures) while the single-issue buyers (bookstores, digital issues) get a gadget/gear cover)

Lightning Round
+ Fuji S2550hd superzoom at c|net
+ waterproof Fuji XP10 at Steve Digicams
+ Casio EX-S200 at ephotozine
+ Casio Ex-Z800 at ephotozine

Lens Reviews
As always, the latest lens review alerts can be found at the new Lens Review Diary which is using a blog-format these days, and that means you also get an RSS feed.

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